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Why We Switched from HCG Hormone Injections to HCG Drops Part 1

**Bookmark the DIY HCG site to get right back to the best and #1 trusted HCG diet information quickly!**Learn why we switched from selling HCG injections to selling HCG sublingual drops. The pros and cons of each method HERE!

There are many types of HCG such as HCG drops, HCG injections, HCG cream, HCG pellets, HCG pills, HCG shots, and HCG trojans.

Our company sold HCG injections in the past, but now we sell homeopathic HCG drops... here is why:

  • We have seen same (if not better) great weight loss results bwtween homeopathic HCG drops as with the HCG hormone injections or other HCG methods of HCG.
  • Many people who have done both forms of the HCG diet and they have reported less hunger and more energy on the HCG diet drops than while on the HCG hormone injections/ HCG diet shots.
  • Our DIY HCG diet drops are legally ordered from a U.S. company where the “laboratory is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities… All procedures follow strictly the guidelines set forth in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which is the official document governing homeopathic manufacturing in this country.” Now you can be rest assured that the HCG drop you are using are from the United States, rather than a foreign country that may or may not follow the same regulations that the United States requires.
  • Many times homeopathic HCG formulas are made by individuals literally in their back room with no regard for the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Obviously, the quality and consistency of these individual homeopathic HCG formulations could vary significantly. So, order your HCG diet drops from a trusted source for the HCG diet.
  • We ship our DIY HCG diet drops via UPS (for all domestic DIY HCG orders) from Missouri, USA. You will no longer have to wait 3-6 weeks for your HCG to come in from a foreign country! The typical time from placing an order to having the HCG on your door step for domestic deliveries is 3-5 business days with UPS ground shipping.
  • The DIY HCG diet drops are easy to travel with as these HCG drops require no refrigeration, no need to carry around HCG needles, or HCG alcohol pads, or other HCG supplies.

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