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Top Supplements for the HCG Diet

Buy HCG Products at DIYDietStore.comPlease know that most vitamins and supplements are not recommended for use while on the HCG Diet. Dr. Simeons only allowed vitamin C, D, and calcium ONLY when needed for medical reasons. If medically needed, vitamins can be taken in non-oily, non-capsule, pill forms with no other ingredients listed and no nutrition facts.

Here are some HCG Diet supplements that are “allowed” on HCG Phase 2, but are by no means required. These select supplements are allowed because they are in a homeopathic form, therefore, there are no sugars, oils, etc. We recommend homeopathic forms of supplements ONLY! Otherwise, it may have extra nutritional value (carbs, sugars, chemicals, etc.).

While most people don't feel they need to take any supplements while on the HCG Diet; if you feel you need a boost of energy, relief from constipation, or help with muscle cramps, we know of the best supplements to help you.

  • Vitamin B12:

People have been using Vitamin B12 to increase their energy on the HCG Diet since the diet was created back in the 1950's. Homeopathic vitamin B12 has shown to cause no effect on weight loss, but other forms have. The dissolvable B12 tabs contain sugars and artificial cherry flavor, always make sure to check the ingredients of the vitamin B12.

With some forms of HCG, people experience leg cramps or muscle cramps. Cell salts are known to help ease cramps safely, without affecting weight loss on the HCG Diet. Again, we suggest using high-quality, homeopathic cell salts for unhindered weight loss and don't forget to check the ingredients.

Since you're eating so much less on the HCG Diet; you may find yourself having fewer bowel movements. This is a completely normal side effect of HCG. However, if you find yourself feeling constipated and uncomfortable, Smooth Move Tea may be the answer.

All you must do is drink a cup of Smooth Move Tea in the evening, and then the next day, you should see “movement.”  Word to the wise, DO NOT DRINK IT UNLESS YOU NEED IT as it does have a few ingredients not normally allowed during the HCG Diet. It should only be used AS NEEDED.

We hope you liked this article on the best supplements for the HCG Diet. You now know to CHECK THE INGREDIENTS of all your vitamins and supplements. If you don't; you may stall or have slow weight loss. Remember to speak to your doctor before changing any of your medically prescribed supplements.

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