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Tips for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

Keep your successful weight loss on track by using these maintenance tips and tricks below:

HCG Phase 3 Tips:

  • Protein is your best friend on HCG Phase 3. Eat as many high-protein, low-sugar, low-carb foods as you like!
  • Craving pasta on HCG maintenance? Try Miracle Noodles! They’re sugar- and carb-free! (Click here to view our recommend kind of Miracle Noodles)
  • Make sure you’re getting enough fiber. Shoot for 30 grams of fiber a day.
  • Make sure to keep a food journal so you know what foods you can keep eating or should avoid.
  • Don’t be afraid to eat on HCG maintenance! You can have upwards of 1,500+ calories per day (of the right foods, of course).
  • Avoid foods listed as “low-fat” or “fat-free” because they likely have more sugar and carbs which you should be avoiding.
  • If you make a mistake and gain more than 2.1 lbs, don’t freak out. Perform a 'steak day' if you need to and get back on track.
  • Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. It will help with long term weight loss and overall health.
  • In HCG maintenance and in life, stay away from foods with tons of ingredients. The more ingredients, the less healthy the food.
  • Protein is key for HCG Phase 3! If you are not much of a meat person you may use low-sugar and low-carb protein bars (See the protein bars we recommended here)
  • Instead of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, try having 6 smaller snack meals throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism revved up.
  • Good snack foods for HCG Phase 3 are hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken strips, apple with peanut butter, protein bars, protein shakes, etc.
  • You may start adding in exercise. Just start slowly if your body is not used to any type of exercise. Try walking a small amount each day and slowly start to increase.
  • Try using our low-sugar Simple Girl Sweet N' Spicy BBQ sauce or Simple Girl Country Sweet BBQ sauce on your chicken to maintain your weight. You might want to wait until after the first 3 weeks of maintenance because it does contain some sugar.
  • Drinking hot lemon water in the morning can help wake up your metabolism and keep maintaining weight loss easier.
  • Since you've already detoxed from soda during HCG Phase 2... why start drinking it again? Instead introduce fruit infused water or flavored teas. if you were using liquid stevia sweet drops, continue using them in your drinks. Your body will thank you for it.
  • If you're a busy person and forget to eat small frequent meals, set a reminder on your phone or computer for every 3-4 hours telling you to get up, eat, and move around for a few minutes.

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