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Steak Day Directions for the HCG Diet

Learn when and how to complete a steak day on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet to maintain your weight loss... HERE!

There tends to be a little confusion regarding 'steak days' on the HCG Diet, but we're here to set the record straight.

The original term of "steak day" is from Dr. Simeons' manuscript and it's used for HCG Phase 3 ONLY... not to be confused with the popular stall breaker for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet called a "mini steak day".

When should I do a "Steak Day"?

You should complete a "steak day" any day that your morning weight is 2.1 lbs over your last HCG date weight. For example, if your last HCG date weight was 136.4 pounds, any day when you weighed over 138.4 pounds you would need to do a "steak day" immediately.

How do I perform a "Steak Day"? 

A "steak day" for HCG Maintenance can be broken down into a few simple steps:

  • Eat nothing all day.
  • Drink plenty of water, coffee, and/or tea (unsweetened or use stevia).
  • For dinner, eat a huge steak (8-14 oz) followed by an apple or a raw tomato.

This will hopefully put you back within your HCG “range”. Average weight loss from a "steak day" is 2-5 lbs, but everyone responds differently. If you do not lose enough weight on your "steak day" you can do another. (Read how in the next section.)

What do I do if I need more than one "Steak Day"?

If you're still over the weight you recorded on the last day you took the drops, you may do another "steak day". Be advised we only recommend doing a maximum number of 2 "steak days" in a row. If you are still over (which is rare) we recommend doing a "high protein day" to give your body a 'break' from "steak days" and build up your nutritional stockpiles before doing a third "steak day" (if needed).

Most important...

Do not 'put off' doing a "steak day." If you do, you may gain even more weight and make it harder to get back down within range of your last HCG date weight. So, if you have an upcoming event you may want to eat really 'clean' and avoid cautionary foods the days before to avoid the issue of having to do a "steak day" on the day of an event you've been looking forward to attending.

Doing Steak Days Frequently?

If you find yourself having to do "steak days" frequently, you may want to evaluate what you're eating to determine what's causing your weight gain. Look at this article... Top 7 Mistakes for HCG Maintenance.

We hope this information helped you learn more about steak days for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. If you have any specific questions about your situation, please contact us for live HCG customer support.

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