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Positive Health Effects of DIYHCG

Most people on the HCG Diet experience only positive health effects.

Weight Loss

  • Average HCG weight loss of .5-1 lb per day for women and .75-1.5 lbs per day for men.

Less Medication

  • A decrease and/or elimination of some medications has been reported by many HCG dieters.
  • The medication decrease reported most often are related to blood pressure and cholesterol medications.
  • Note: We are neither doctors nor physicians and do not offer ANY medical advice.
  • You should ALWAYS check with your primary care physician before starting, stopping, or changing any doses of any medications.

Stable Blood Sugars

  • Many diabetics who do the HCG Diet report an easier time maintaining their blood sugar.

Less Aches & Pains

  • Many HCG dieters report less aches and pains from previous weight related issues, such as knee pain, back pain, etc.

Natural Energy & Focus

  • More NATURAL energy
  • More focus on tasks and projects
  • HCG contains no stimulants; therefore, you do not crash from energy surges.

Better Skin

  • Much like when a woman is pregnant (as HCG is a pregnancy hormone), acne and skin blemishes usually clean up on the HCG Diet.

Healthier Cravings

  • A healthier diet and appetite, craving almonds, cheese, and eggs instead of packaged snacks, chips, or candy bars
  • A whole new outlook on food – no more kitchen raids or binging

Establishing Health Cooking Skills

  • A new skill of cooking healthy food for one’s self and one’s family

Better Sleep

  • Many HCG dieters report better, deeper sleep while on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.

Now that you know the positive effects of the HCG Diet, you may be ready to order HCG Diet Drops.

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