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How to Choose a HCG Supplier

Learn the things to look for when trying to buy HCG online... these tips will help you safely purchase HCG online.

If deciding where to purchase your HCG from, there are few things to look for to ensure you buy your HCG supplements from a reliable HCG company.

Check for these main points in any HCG company you work with:

  • They strictly follow the HCG Diet and DO NOT promote cheating, mixing vegetables, etc.
  • They do not condone staying on the HCG Diet for longer than 40 days.
  • Their contact information is clearly visible.
  • They provide you with HCG Diet instructions with your purchase of HCG.
  • They’re selling real HCG, not “hormone-free HCG” or “HCG solution,” and be careful if they are selling it for less than $70.
  • They are located at a physical address in the United States.
  • Their HCG is produced in an FDA regulated lab.
  • They do not condone the use of unallowed HCG ingredients such as Walden Farms dressings, diet soda, etc. (Remember... you should only be using HCG Diet Safe Dressings and only using HCG Diet Safe Stevia).
  • They've been around for a while. Find a HCG company that is not new, check their Facebook page for fans, etc. This will ensure they are not a new HCG company that is selling 'water in a bottle' to make a quick buck with the HCG Diet craze.
  • They ship the HCG drops from the U.S. Some HCG companies appear that they are based in the U.S., but then they ship some sketchy HCG drops from another country.
  • They have experienced employees who are available to answer questions or provide help if you need it.
  • They have quick shipping, so it doesn't take you 6+ weeks to get your HCG drops.
  • They have plenty of information on their website, this is just to ensure they are not some 'pop-up' HCG company.
  • They have HCG in-stock, and ship the same or next day.

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