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HCG Recipes


What kind of HCG recipes are you looking for? Phase 2 or Phase 3? Click below to see all of our recipes for each phase of the HCG Diet.

Recipes for HCG Phase 2: Get cookin'! We have over 40 recipes that are allowed on phase 2 of the HCG Diet (also known as P2 or VLCD). The recipes in this category are safe for both Dr. Simeons' and Kevin Trudeau's food plans.

Recipes for HCG Phase 3: Get inspired! We have over 20 recipes that are for phase 3 of the HCG Diet (also known as P3 or maintenance). The recipes in this category contain a higher variety of food options and teach you how to introduce new food into your diet. 



HCG Safe Salad Dressings

Sweeten up your life with out the guilt on the HCG diet

 HCG Safe Stevia

Get 100% protocol approved HCG safe grissini sticks!

HCG Grissini Sticks


HCG Approved Seasonings 

In some of these recipes you will need HCG safe food products, such as stevia powder, grissini sticks, flavored stevia, spices, and some of our salad dressings. To learn more about each of these items, click below!

HCG Safe Salad Dressings: These salad dressings (which can be used as a marinade too) were specifically formulated for all phases of the HCG Diet. They are all-natural, calorie-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, and sweetened only with stevia! The four flavors available are Citrus Ginger, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Sweet Mustard, and Sweet Vinaigrette. See more about these amazing dressings here...

HCG Safe Stevia: There are two types of stevia that we offer... powdered stevia and liquid stevia. The powdered stevia is much like a sugar packet and is just plain sweetness. The liquid stevia is the 'fun-one' because it's available in tons of flavors ranging from lemon drop to root beer, hazelnut, and even pumpkin spice. View all of the stevia we offer here

HCG Grissini Sticks: In the past our customers would have problems finding the correct type of grissini sticks at the grocery store, therefore, we started selling them for convenience. These grissini sticks are shipped to us directly from Italy; they are all natural, and come in three flavors: traditional/plain, garlic, and multi-grain. See more about our grissini sticks here.

HCG Approved Seasonings: Most store-bought spice mixtures cannot be used on the HCG Diet because they contain sugar, starches, or preservatives that could slow or stall weight loss. All of these spices and seasonings were specifically formulated for all phases of the HCG Diet. They are all-natural, calorie-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, and sweetened only with stevia! There are several flavors, such as lemon herb seasoning, steak seasoning, etc. See all of the flavors of spices allowed on the HCG Diet here.

Hope you enjoy the recipes! One last thing, check out this quick video to get a summary of the HCG Diet and to get a few more tips! Hope this helps!

The HCG Diet Protocol HCG Diet Summary