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HCG Diet Approved Lotions

(Part 1 of 2)

Find out what types of lotions are allowed on the HCG diet HERE!

Lotions, Lip Balm, and Buttery Soaps! Oh My!

Find out what types of lotions are allowed on the HCG Diet HERE!

As you may already know, ANYTHING that touches your skin or lips while on the HCG Diet must be analyzed for 'bad' ingredients. If you use any products that contain oils, butters or creams, they can have a negative effect on your HCG weight loss results by causing slowed weight loss, stalled weight loss, or even gaining weight!

The science behind it... Fatty ingredients in lotions, lip balms, soap, etc. can be absorbed by your skin and metabolized (just as if you had eaten them, adding additional calories to your diet).

HCG Diet-safe moisturizer for your skin:

The main culprits of bad ingredients are lotion, lip balms, liquid body wash, and liquid make-up. Here are some of the common mistakes people make on the HCG Diet, without even realizing it...

  • Putting a little bit of diaper rash cream on a baby’s bottom (use gloves to apply to avoid this mistake)
  • Using a liquid foundation (use mineral powder instead)
  • Putting a little tiny bit of eye cream on tired eyes (use Tiffalina's facial cream instead)

Now, some people do the HCG Diet without changing any of their hygiene items and their weight loss results may appear to be pretty good. BUT, they are not anywhere NEAR what they could be losing on the HCG Diet if they were using only diet-safe personal hygiene items.

So, it’s up to you. Are you going to lose the most weight possible in the next 30-40 days or are you going to lose 10-15 pounds because you love your little dab of night cream, lotion after a shower or massages? Try using Tiffalina's body lotion and take it with you when you get a massage and ask them to use it.

For best weight loss results you should switch your hygiene products to only HCG Diet-safe products. To see the full list of what hygiene products are allowed, view our HCG Diet Shopping List.

All of the listed products were formulated specifically for the HCG Diet... no more searching multiple stores and reading tons of ingredient lists because we have already done it for you. That was easy! We offer the following HCG Diet-safe personal care items on our website:

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