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 Are you new to the HCG Diet? - Let's help you get started with the following 3 steps:

#1. Order HCG Drops

#2. Review the Top Recommended Items for First Time Dieters (Based on Past HCG Dieter's Feedback) and WHY These Items Made the List

#3. Watch Our Quick, Informative Videos that Summarize the HCG Diet

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1. Which HCG Drops should I order?

For a round of the HCG Diet, choose one of the following HCG drops:

For the latest HCG formulation boasting great weight loss, additional cell salts, and an extra boost of energy with vitamin B12,  CLICK HERE TO GO & ADD ENERGY PLUS DROPS TO YOUR CART.


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2. Based on past HCG Dieters reviews, here are the top recommendations for First Time HCG Dieters.

Budget HCG Diet Books Set

Phase 2 a.k.a. VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) Phase of the HCG Diet is the very strict phase of the weight loss plan.  The two highest recommended books during this phase are paired together in our Budget HCG Diet Books Set. This set includes the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide (original Amazon top-selling book with the "how-to" of the HCG Diet) and the 101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes cookbook, which has tons of good meals made with only Dr. Simeons' (the creator of the HCG Diet) approved ingredients. Why? Since the HCG Diet is VERY strict and based on only about 20 approved foods, it is important to make sure that EVERY food or drink item you ingest follows the guidelines in Dr. Simeons' manuscript (see the food list here).


Sugar-Free, Oil-Free Salad Dressings and BBQ Sauce


Why? Since the very low calorie diet (VLCD) phase of the HCG Diet is so strict (no fats, no oils, no sugar, almost no artificial sugars, etc.), finding sauces and dressings can be hard.  Well, these items were developed specifically for this phase of this diet, PLUS they are sweetened with an HCG Diet-approved, natural, sweetener: organic stevia. Based on other HCG Diet participants feedback, these are the overall top recommended products to give you some variety while on the strict phase of the diet without jeopardizing your weight loss.

Sugar-Free Sweet Vinaigrette Dressing: CLICK TO GO ADD TO CART

Sugar-Free Citrus Ginger Dressing: CLICK TO GO ADD TO CART

Stevia Sweet Mustard Dressing: CLICK TO GO ADD TO CART

Sugar-Free Carolina Style BBQ Sauce: CLICK TO GO ADD TO CART

3. Your success will depend on how well you follow the our HCG Diet videos to maximize your success.

These videos will give you a GREAT, quick, and thorough overview of the HCG Diet.

Video: The HCG Diet Protocol Introduction and History


Video: Summary of the HCG Diet


Video: The HCG Diet Protocol How HCG Works for Weight Loss