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Best HCG Salad Dressing for Phase 2

One of the worst things about HCG Diet meals is the fact that, if you don’t know how to add flavor and variety to your foods, you’ll be completely bored with your food choices and will be miserable. We know you want to lose weight fast and we're here to help you.

But this is so easy to avoid! Don’t settle for a little sprinkle of apple cider vinegar on your lettuce and consider that a delicious meal... boring!

Due to the requests of HCG dieters everywhere, we have developed a line of salad dressings that are allowed on Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the HCG Diet to help you lose weight fast.

The Simple Girl salad dressings were created specifically for those on the HCG Diet. They have 100% safe ingredients, are all natural, and sweetened with stevia. These dressings will really bring your foods to life!

There are 4 flavors of Simple Girl salad dressings available. They come in both full size bottles (16 oz.) and single-serving dressing packets (take them anywhere!). They are great on salads and double as a meat marinade.

  • Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette Dressing: Our most popular salad dressing for the HCG Diet. It has a typical, simple vinaigrette taste and adhere strictly to both Dr. Simeons’ and Kevin Trudeau’s HCG Diet plans.
  • Simple Girl Sweet Mustard Dressing:  This is about as close as you are going to get to honey mustard flavor while on the HCG Diet. So, if honey mustard dressing is your thing, give this dressing a try.
  • Simple Girl Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing: This is a premium dressing made with organic ingredients and tastes delicious! The rich, deep brown color of this dressing is evidence of the base ingredient, organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, which is imported from Italy.


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