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Natural Beauty Secrets from Around the Globe

Turns out, everyone wants to look good! From Sweden to Korea, every culture has a way to stay fresh and rock it. So, here's a taste of a few natural beauty secrets from around the globe. Just remember to always do an allergy test before going all in with these secrets.


  1. Brown Rice. Brown rice can be tasty, especially when mixed with some nice sides, but did you know it's also a common beauty tool in Asia? When mixed with water, brown rice creates a perfect skin wash that tightens your pores and makes your skin brighter. Just combine the two in a bowl and stir until a white cloud rises to the surface of the water. Drain out the rice and store the cloudy water for your personal use.


  1. Sauna. A common practice in Scandinavia, the sauna is great for your skin and hair. These hot rooms get you sweating really quick, exfoliating your skin and relaxing your body. Everybody knows that the best thing for your health (and looks) is a peaceful state of being. Maybe pop in a steamed sauna for an extra bit of cleansing too. Just make sure that you're not staying in there for too long, since it gets pretty hot if you don't watch yourself. With great power comes great responsibility!


  1. Ice Cubes. Mornings can be hard. But nothing will wake you up better than a couple of ice cubes on your face. And of course, there's the added beauty benefit. Since hot water strips away oils and dries your skin, going with some ice instead will keep your pores tight and your face properly moisturized. This is definitely one of the simplest natural beauty secrets from around the globe.


  1. Aloe Vera. Pure aloe vera is full of healthy nutrients that your body wants and needs. In Peru, this substance is used as a hair conditioner. It's also got some antibacterial properties! Apply some to your scalp and hair and wrap that thing with a warm towel. Wait for fifteen minutes, and then rinse away the goo with a non-harsh shampoo.


  1. Argan Oil. Hailing from Morocco, this tip is another way to help out your locks. Argan oil is filled with vitamin A and E, along with a bunch of antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. Together with some linoleic acid this oil will keep your hair looking luscious and shiny.


  1. Shea Butter. Used across Africa, shea butter is one of the worst-kept secrets out there. Still, it's an amazing moisturizer. It also reduces flaking and battles your skin's redness and peeling, making it a fantastic product to pick up. Mix it up with some essential oils and sit back and enjoy the benefits.


Our journey is complete! That's just a couple of natural beauty secrets from around the globe, but try them out to give your look the refresh it needs. As long as these tips pass your allergy test, get ready for brighter skin, luscious hair, and a clean look.