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Five Changes You Should Make to Get Fit

Everyone is different, but sometimes you'd rather look like anyone else. It's important to have a good self-image first, but if you want to get healthy and look and feel better about your body, here are 5 changes you to make to get fit - tone up, lose weight, and feel good. And for the record, diet and exercise is important, but it's not everything.

1. Take Inventory of Yourself:

Do some simple stretches or try out a cycling class once for fun. Figure out what seems appealing for your body and what is a waste of time. Naturally flexible people find that stretching a little bit every day leads to major increases in range of motion, which in turn makes your body much more fluid and adjustable on the road to fitness. Does walking hurt your knees? If so, avoid putting too much pressure on your knees until you work on your core and lose some weight. Just a couple of pounds can make all the difference when it comes to simple aches and pains. Really!

2. Light Work is Still Considered Work

Use your own body weight at home for a few minutes a couple of times a day. Some quick push-ups or squats can be done during an ad break during your favorite TV show, and they only require your own body. No expensive gym is needed for this one. In addition, every time you work a muscle, you're strengthening it, so even if you're not getting a good sweat going, you're still working toward fitness.

3. Catch Your Breath


Fitness gurus suggest diet and exercise. They are not wrong. While getting fit takes so much more, exercise does play a vital role in getting healthy and toned. Most experts agree that moderate cardio should be done for 20 minutes or more, and three to five times a week. Moderate activities include light jogging, swimming, going for a spin at the gym, or playing some competitive sports. For those of you who like to incorporate your mind, too, cardio also includes fiery dance like Zumba and relaxing toning work like Yoga.

4. Open Up!


Food is not the enemy for those trying to get healthy or lose weight. Food is the answer. Sometimes, a cookie is okay, but take consideration of what you're eating and how much. Load up on green, leafy vegetables and incorporate quality protein into your meal to limit your carbohydrates. If possible, avoid all sugar and consider natural zero sugar and carb alternatives like Xylitol or Stevia. Cookies with stevia are naturally low calorie and just as delicious, and don't carry the risks like artificial sweeteners. Also, most dietary problems are the result of overeating and portion control. Use smaller plates and takes longer to eat. This will allow your stomach to catch up with your mouth.

5. Love Yourself


Staying positive is key to weight loss and fitness. There will be setbacks and bad days. Everyone has awesome weight loss days and annoying weight gain days. Maintaining a positive outlook and a deep appreciation for the body you're in is the number one way to stay on track toward awesome fitness. It's also critical to treat yourself well, so partake in a hot bubble bath or soothing meditation moment. Get a massage or a manicure. Little things we do to show ourselves care boost our self-esteem and help keep us grounded.

Getting fit isn't just about dieting or running four hundred miles non-stop. Fitness is a healthy mix of different methods coupled with a positive attitude. Whether your goal is to lose twenty pounds or gain two inches in your biceps, you can follow these tips to jump start your fitness and overall health.