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8 Benefits of Drinking Hazelnut Milk

Searching for an alternative to cow's milk? Try drinking hazelnut milk. This delicious beverage is liquid from ground roasted hazelnuts. For more than a decade, vegans have lauded the benefits of this choice.


1. You can store hazelnut milk on a shelf.

Unlike cow's milk, hazelnut milk does not spoil. When bought at a grocer (prepackaged), this drink lasts until the carton is opened. You can store the container in a cabinet or on a kitchen counter. Therefore, you save space in your refrigerator.


2. Hazelnut milk contains fiber.

This is useful for individuals suffering from chronic digestive issues. Consuming hazelnut milk helps regulate constipation. So, the intestinal system functions better.


3. Hazelnut milk is an alternative for lactose-intolerant people.

Lactose intolerant people cannot digest cow's milk. Their bodies do not produce the enzyme needed to absorb this substance. As a result, when drank, these individuals react in a negative manner (bloating, gas, diarrhea). Lactose intolerant people can generally drink hazelnut milk without any problem.

4. Hazelnut milk helps prevent blood clots.

Hazelnut milk contains L-Arginine, an amino acid. It helps to prevent blood clots. Thus, when consumed on a regular basis, a person may reduce their chances of developing heart disease.


5. Hazelnut milk is nutrient-rich.

As humans age, they need a steady source of B1, B2, B6, and vitamin A. These vitamins energize the body and maintain healthy, smooth skin. Hazelnut milk contains the above nutrients. Also, it is gluten-free and cholesterol-free.


6. Hazelnut milk tastes nutty.

This point is a no-brainer. Hazelnut milk tastes nutty. It is not naturally sweet or overpowering. This aspect is great for making smoothies and coffees. The base flavor won't be overwhelmed no matter how much hazelnut milk you add.


7. You can make hazelnut milk at home.


Want to save a few coins or control what is in your food? Then, hazelnut milk is an awesome choice. Anyone can make this beverage at home with a blender, strainer, and hot water. The work is not labor-intensive and basic recipes are available on the internet.


8. Hazelnut milk is not soy milk.

Soy milk is considered harmful by some professionals. A medical writer from the Harvard School of Public Health (T.H. Chan) says some studies show soy milk linked to breast cancer, thyroid problems, and dementia. These negative factors are not associated with hazelnut milk.


In summary, the above are eight benefits of drinking hazelnut milk. There's a reason this beverage becomes more popular with each passing year. Incorporate it into your diet and enjoy a healthier life.