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6 Easy Steps to a Kids Non-Scary Halloween Party

Halloween is a favorite holiday for most kids, but some children can easily become frightened by the costumes and decorations. It's easy to throw an amazing Halloween party that is appropriate for all children, so no one is left out. Here are some ideas for hosting a kids non-scary Halloween party.



You can have fantastic invitations that are bright and cheery rather than scary. On paper invitations, opt for pictures of pumpkins and candy. Be sure that any ghosts, witches, or monsters depicted are portrayed as funny and silly.


Non-paper invitations can be fun for Halloween. You can give out candy baskets stuffed with treats and a piece of paper announcing the party invitation or you can have the invitation printed on a chocolate bar.



Fall decorations are beautiful and there are many great options that aren't scary at all. When planning your décor, think about hay bales, apples, and cornstalks. You can always mix in a few silly looking jack-o-lanterns or friendly, black cats.


Strings of white lights can also be used to create a festive environment. Try decorating your front door with lights and a garland of autumn leaves. Use orange and black for tablecloths, streamers, and balloons.


Games and Activities

You can turn almost any party game into Halloween-themed fun. Kids will love Bingo played with candy corns or miniature marshmallows. Set up several plastic jack-o-lantern containers in a row for kids to toss candy or beanbags into.


Many people enjoy hanging donuts on a clothesline outside and allowing the kids to try biting them without using their hands.


Supply a craft table with stickers and other supplies for guests to make their own picture frames and provide funny costumes for kids to play dress-up. Set up a curtain or other space as a photo booth for pictures that are sure to be cherished memories.


A pumpkin painting station is also a great time and far less messy than carving pumpkins. Provide a wide variety of paints and stencils for kids' creations.


You can also have guests paint or color their own treat bags and then have a Halloween candy hunt in your house or backyard.



Popcorn, caramel apples, and pumpkin-flavored fare are all good options at a Halloween bash. You can also create some cool Halloween treats by turning ordinary foods into something appropriate to your theme.


Wrap refrigerated breadsticks around hotdogs and call them mummies or put green olives on halved hard-boiled eggs to create eyeballs. Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with dip for fruit.


Dirt is a favorite Halloween dessert that kids love. Layer chocolate pudding with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and add gummy worms to the top.


Party Favors

Great party favors are the crowning glory of any children's party, and candy is a no-brainer for a Halloween bash. Give each child a treat bag, and display bowls of candy and small toys. Allow children to trick-or-treat at the display, filling their own bags with whatever they love.


Kids can also go home with any crafts they created during the event and with a picture of themselves dressed up in a costume.


Halloween is a wonderful time to throw a party, and you can make the holiday perfect for everyone by focusing on fun instead of fear. Use these ideas to inspire you to create an amazing party for even your most sensitive guests.