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My Favorite Things About the HCG Diet

Of course, I’m thrilled that I lost 19 pounds in 33 days on the HCG Protocol but there are additional benefits of this weight lost program, some enjoyed while on the low-calorie phase and others during maintenance and the rest of your life. Here are my favorite things about the HCG Diet.


The HCG Diet:

  • is a simple diet as far as deciding what to eat. There are no counting calories, points, or carbs. Basically, you get 2 meals a day comprised of 3.5 oz (before cooking) of protein (non-fatty beef, white chicken, white fish/seafood, tuna in water), a vegetable (from a list of 13 allowable vegetables), a grissini breadstick and a fruit (from a list of 4 allowable fruits). For more details, click here.
  • helped me get so much done! As you may recall, HCG is what is in a woman’s body when she’s pregnant. It directs the body to tap into its stored fat when the body needs nutrition. Although not pregnant, many HCG dieters experience the “nesting effect” when taking HCG. The “nesting effect” refers to behaviors due to an instinct in pregnant humans and animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn. When I was on other diets, I didn’t have much energy and the thought of doing extra household chores never crossed my mind. However, with HCG in my system, I cleaned out closets and organized drawers! My husband couldn’t believe it!
  • taught me to eat slow and eat small bites. You can have as much of one of the green vegetables as you want at mealtime, but 3.5 oz of protein just isn’t that much. This taught me to cut my meat/fish in small pieces and to eat slowly, savoring every bite. The mechanics of eating this way are beneficial to the body. Food is easier to digest and the brain gets the time it needs to realize that the body has been fed and is satisfied.
  • got me in the habit of drinking water. Everyone knows how important it is to drink water but that doesn’t mean we do it! The diet got me in the habit of filling a giant water bottle each day to take to work. I drink it throughout the day and can’t go home until it’s empty!
  • cleansed my pallet so that whole, natural food tastes better. The HCG Diet works double time as a weight loss method and a cleanse since you’re eating non-processed foods and drinking water. By avoiding sugar and processed foods for several weeks, your pallet is naturally cleansed, and you enjoy the taste of whole, natural foods so much more!
  • taught me to like vegetables that I didn’t care for before doing the diet. There are 13 vegetables allowed on the diet. After a couple of weeks, for the sake of variety, I ate a couple that I thought I didn’t like and was amazed. Perhaps cleansing my pallet is what made the difference, but I was surprised to find that I really do like sautéed onions, cucumbers sprinkled with Simple Girl Sweet & Hot Louisiana Seasoning, and cooked cabbage.


Thank you HCG Diet Protocol!