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What Are the Positive Effects of HCG?

We have had thousands of clients use the HCG Diet Protocol with great weight loss success and significant improvement in overall health. Commonly reported positive effects of the HCG Diet Protocol include women losing 20 to 30 pounds and men losing 30 to 40 pounds. Dr. Simeons worked on the problem of obesity for 40 years and specifically on the HCG Diet Protocol for over 20 years. He received prestigious commendations for his work, wrote several medical books, and contributed to many scientific publications. His most well-known work is his manuscript, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. Keep in mind, HCG is the same hormone produced naturally in a pregnant woman’s body and the same hormone that is frequently used to treat infertility in both women and men. As a side note, with infertility treatments and other medical treatments involving HCG, the HCG administered is substantially higher than the amount of HCG administered for weight loss in the HCG Diet Protocol.


Commonly reported positive effects of the HCG Diet Protocol include:


  • Women: Loss of 20 to 30 pounds in a 40-day round when the protocol is followed precisely as written
  • Men: Loss of 30 to 40 pounds in a round when the protocol is followed correctly
  • Reduction in the amount of unhealthy cholesterol
  • Decrease and stabilization of blood sugar levels/reduction in insulin requirements
  • Dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  • Decrease in food cravings
  • Increase in desire for healthy foods
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Decrease in blood pressure and, accordingly, decrease in need for medication
  • Reshaping of your entire body
  • Improvement in overall health
  • Better, deeper sleep
  • An overall feeling of well-being
  • Sense of wanting to clean and organize (also known as the “nesting effect”)


Less Medication


  • A decrease and/or elimination of some medications has been reported by many HCG dieters.
  • The medication decrease reported most often is related to high blood pressure and high cholesterol conditions.
  • Note: We are neither doctors nor physicians and do not offer ANY medical advice.
  • You should ALWAYS check with your primary care physician before starting, stopping, or changing any doses of any medication.


Stable Blood Sugars


  • Many diabetics who do the HCG Diet report an easier time maintaining their blood sugar.


Less Aches & Pains


  • Many HCG dieters report less aches and pains from previous weight related issues, such as knee pain, back pain, etc.


Natural Energy & Focus


  • More NATURAL energy
  • More focus on tasks and projects
  • HCG contains no stimulants; therefore, you do not crash from energy surges.


Better Skin


  • Much like when a woman is pregnant (as HCG is a pregnancy hormone), acne and skin blemishes usually clean up on the HCG Diet.


Healthier Cravings


  • A healthier diet and appetite, craving almonds, cheese, and eggs instead of packaged snacks, chips, or candy bars
  • A whole new outlook on food – no more kitchen raids or binging


Establishing Healthy Cooking Skills


  • A new skill of cooking healthy food for one’s self and one’s family


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