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Natural Methods of Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disorder. It is caused by either your body's resistance to insulin (the hormone in charge of blood sugar) or by the under-production of insulin in your pancreas. These physical issues can have a lasting and debilitating effect if not properly overseen by a medical professional. However, there are a few extra, natural methods of managing type 2 diabetes that might help you live a more comfortable life.


Commit to Controlling Your Diabetes


The first step when you find out you have type 2 diabetes is to learn as much information as you can about the condition. You have to make a conscious choice to live with diabetes. This means always keeping track of your blood sugar, changing your lifestyle to help deal with the disorder, and always being aware of your current situation. Type 2 diabetes will change the way you live your life. However, these changes don't have to be painful.


Regulate Weight


This is one of the most important steps you can take! Type 2 diabetes has been correlated with excess body weight and physical inactivity. While this doesn't mean that you're immune to type 2 if you're skinny, tissues that are fatty have more resistance to insulin. This means that you can potentially avoid diabetes by keeping up a healthy weight. If you're considered overweight, losing 7 percent of your body weight can reduce the risk of diabetes. Plus, having a manageable weight is great all around. Not only does it reduce the chances of type 2, it also strengthens your heart and gives you more energy.


Still, even if you actually have diabetes, keeping up a healthy lifestyle can stop a wide range of complications that can come along with the disorder. These range from nerve damage to Alzheimer's disease, and they include many more unfortunate symptoms. Weight control is one of the key natural methods of managing type 2 diabetes.


Eat Healthy


Eating foods low in fat and calories but high in fiber is always a good practice, and it's even more important when you suffer from diabetes. The fiber slows down your digestive process, which means glucose (blood sugar) is introduced more slowly into your blood. This reduces the risk of sudden sugar spikes. Many foods with a lot of fiber have slow glycemic indexes, meaning that they raise blood sugar levels gradually.




Aerobic activity is extremely important in both maintaining weight and leading a healthy lifestyle with type 2 diabetes. Exercise lowers the blood sugar content in your blood, and these changes should always be monitored. Build up your exercise routine slowly. Don't try to shock yourself into shape, since you'll only cause more damage. Having a daily routine will help you work around your condition, and keeping your body in a consistent cycle helps keep it healthy.


Drink Responsibly


Alcohol is pretty much a ticking time bomb when it comes to diabetes. It can cause either high or low blood sugar, and its effects can be incredibly unpredictable. Drink in extreme moderation and never drink to a level where you are physically drunk.


Type 2 diabetes is incredibly dangerous to those that ignore the risks that come with it. Don't ignore or deny the condition! Taking the necessary steps under the supervision of a doctor will help you live your life as freely and healthy as possible. Note these natural methods of managing type 2 diabetes, as they'll help keep you in peak form.