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Tips on Motivating Yourself and Others

Have trouble staying motivated? Everyone does. Everybody has their ups and downs, but the key is staying energized, focused and determined. That's easier said than done, so here's a list of useful tips on motivating yourself and others.


Find Your Goal

A lot of times people get demoralized because they're not sure why they're doing something or what they're really trying to achieve. So that's step one! Give yourself a purpose. Whether it be to get that promotion or start a romantic relationship, decide on what you want to do and why you want to do it.


If you're looking for a promotion, it's probably because you want a higher salary and more respect from your peers. If it's a relationship, you want to be social and have a supportive person in your life. Once you decide what you really want, you can start working towards it.

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Break It Up

Now that you've got some kind of grand mission, you've got to break it up. You can't shoot for the stars before you have a rocket. Decide on small goals and sub-tasks that help you achieve your chosen purpose but aren't as daunting. For example, maybe jumping straight into a serious relationship is scary. That's okay! Just try making a new friend first. You can go from there.


Stay Positive

Don't look at these checkpoints as obstacles, see them as chances to succeed and get closer to that end goal. These little victories keep you positive. However, even if you slip up at one small task, you have the chance to try again without feeling like you've failed at your entire goal. You get to learn and grow from those experiences.


The truth is, you're going to mess up sometimes! But the important thing to realize is that that's okay. Beating yourself up won't get you anywhere but learning and improving will.


Motivate Others

Motivating yourself and others comes hand in hand. When you inspire other people, you inspire yourself. How do you do this? Well, it's not that complicated. Look people in the eyes, treat them with respect and be supportive. It's simple, but it takes practice to perfect. Anyone can be motivational. Just make others know you care about them, since that's enough for almost everybody.


Focus On You 

This one seems easy, but it's so natural for us to be distracted by another's success. Even though feeling a bit of jealousy is alright, you can't let that emotion control you. Only you can change and better yourself. Chances are, those people you look up to started out just like you! They started with a goal.


So, there you have it, getting motivated is super easy! Well, not really. Still, these tips on motivating yourself and others are a great place to begin. Choose a purpose, break it into achievable checkpoints, stay positive, motivate others and focus on your own journey. By now, you're well on your way to personal success.