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What’s the Deal with Lotion on the HCG Diet?

Some bad news… you cannot use your normal face cream, cosmetics, body lotion, etc. while on the HCG Diet. When you have HCG in your system, your body absorbs oils, fats, creams, and ointments in the same way as if you had eaten them! In other words, when HCG is in your system, your body gleans calories from the fats and oils your skin comes in contact with, as well as from the food you eat.  These extra consumed calories will result in slow or no weight loss and possibly even weight gain. That is why it is so important to follow the strict rule of no oils or fats on your skin. If you need to handle fats/oils for any reason, i.e., you need to apply any kind of lotion or ointment to a baby, will be handling raw meat as you prepare dinner, work as a hair stylist, etc., you should wear gloves. If you cut yourself while on HCG and require some type of antibiotic ointment, apply a minimal amount and make note of it on your daily weight chart.


Don’t panic, ladies! Dr. Simeons explained, “Many women are horrified when told that for the duration of treatment, they cannot use face creams or have facial massages. They fear that this and the loss of weight will ruin their complexion. They can be fully reassured. Under treatment, normal fat is restored to the skin, which rapidly becomes fresh and turgid, making the expression much more youthful.”


Some good news… we carry a line of personal care products (lotion, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm and face cream) that were formulated specifically for oil-free diet plans such as the HCG Diet.  There are only a couple of oils that may be used in oil-free products and Tiffalina’s uses two of them, mineral oil and jojoba oil. No worries since both of these are non-caloric and non-digestible. The Tiffalina’s brand of personal care products has been used by dieters since 2010; it’s protocol-tested and approved! These items can be bought separately or you can save a bit of money and purchase a kit. If you just need a small amount to get you to the end of your round, or you’d like a convenient size to carry in your purse, there’s a 2 oz. body lotion travel size available. If you really don’t want to miss your monthly pedicure, take Tiffalina’s body lotion with you and ask the technician to use that instead of the salon’s staple.


Other skin moisturizers that are safe to use on the protocol are mineral oil, baby oil (avoid the types that contain vitamin E) and 100% aloe vera gel. You can purchase these at most discount or drug retail stores. If you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long period of time, make sure you choose an oil-free sunscreen and note its use on your weight chart so you can monitor the effect on your weight loss.


However crazy it may seem, don’t discount this advice if you want to ensure the best possible weight loss on the HCG Diet!