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Do I Really Have to Gorge?

The answer is “yes”! You need to gorge to build up your normal fat reserve, the fat that is easily tapped into by your body for energy. When you begin to take DIY HCG Diet Drops, it takes about 2 days before the abnormal deposited fat begins to circulate in the bloodstream, becoming available for your body to use as energy. Because of this 2-day lag, you must prepare for your transition to the very low-calorie phase of the diet by eating lots of high-fat foods and taking hcg weight loss drops. Fat is satisfying and your body will deposit it in the normal fat reserve. If you “gorge” or “load” properly, you won’t be hungry or want to eat much for a few days. Also, we recommend you eat the foods you crave the most so that you become so sick of them that you won’t even want to cheat!  The first 2 days of the gorge are considered “non-effective” as far as the loss of weight is concerned. You may gain as much as six pounds in those 2 days, however, this weight is usually lost in the first 48 hours of dieting once you start following the low-calorie diet food plan.

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide

Update per the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster, Copyright 2017:  “If you have done the HCG Diet before and/or you are seriously concerned about gaining a couple of pounds during The Gorge, instead of including all food groups like donuts, candy, soda, etc., you can avoid carbohydrates and only eat seriously high fat/low carbohydrate foods.  If you choose this type of gorging, you must eat a significant amount of high fat food to successfully gorge and avoid extreme hunger during the first week of the low-calorie phase.” (See the example below of a High Fat/Low Carb/Low Sugar Gorge Day.)


Prinster goes on to say that, “This is not recommended for participants who face cravings or feel deprived when dieting, as cravings and feelings of being deprived can derail the diet defeating the overall goal.” In other words, there are 2 objectives you’re trying to accomplish during the 2-day gorge – building up your easy-to-access fat reserves and “gettin’ it all out of your system” so you’re ready to commit to the diet. Don’t short change yourself on either front!


High Fat/Low Carb/Low Sugar Gorge Day Menu

Breakfast: Egg, ham and cheese omelet, bacon and sausage, coffee with half and half

Mid-morning snack: Handful of nuts 

Lunch: Pork chop, broccoli with cheese, salad with ranch dressing

Mid-afternoon snack: Celery with peanut butter or cream cheese

Dinner: Ribeye steak, green beans, and salad with blue cheese or ranch dressing

Late-night snack: Almonds with Brie cheese