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Do Diet Drops Really Work?

Yes! HCG Diet Drops will help you lose weight quickly but only if used with the very specific low-calorie diet prescribed by Dr. Simeons. Most people lose 20 to 30 pounds in 30 to 40 days. More importantly, they lose inches in all the right places with the only drawback being the fact that they might have to buy smaller clothing. People experience this weight loss quickly and consistently, losing as much as 7-10 pounds in the first week and then averaging 2-3 pounds per week in the remaining weeks.


What is HCG?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a substance produced in large quantities by the placenta during pregnancy. It was discovered in 1927 by Ascheim and Zondek in the urine of pregnant women.


The first report of the use of HCG for the treatment of obesity was published in 1954 by the late Dr. ATW Simeons, a British physician practicing at the Ospedale Salvatori Mundii in Rome. While working in India, with boys who had adiposogenital dystrophy, a rare childhood metabolic disorder, Simeons prescribed HCG. HCG not only greatly improved their condition, but the good doctor noted that the distribution of body fat was modified during treatment.

Therefore, he hypothesized that if these children were concomitantly subjected to a very hypocaloric diet (a diet in which you eat fewer calories than what you burn), they could reduce their body weight by consuming these adipose deposits that were being mobilized. Simeons found that:


  • Patients tolerated the hypocaloric diet without suffering the headaches, irritability and weakness, so common in weight loss treatments.
  • The maintenance period was more effective compared to simple dietary procedures.
  • Weight reduction was more satisfactory than that obtained with standard hypocaloric diets.
  • Patients lost more body fat in those areas where adipose deposits were more conspicuous.


Dr. Simeons theorized that HCG acted at the diencephalic level, modulating hypothalamic regulatory centers, which in turn were responsible for the excessive accumulation of fat that was observed in obesity.


There are different forms of HCG:


  • prescription sublingual drops
  • homeopathic sublingual drops
  • prescription injections
  • prescription sprays
  • prescription creams


We’ve used several of these forms and have worked with people who used these forms or others and we’ve found that the method used to administer HCG doesn’t really have a bearing on the effectiveness of the diet. As long as HCG gets in the system and the person follows the specific eating and touching instructions prescribed by Dr. Simeons, the diet works!  However, we much prefer the homeopathic diet drops since they are more cost effective than prescription HCG and it is much more comfortable to squirt a few drops underneath your tongue to be absorbed into the plentiful blood vessels found there than to give yourself an injection in the abdomen or upper thigh! Lots of people have been very successful using DIY Diet Drops. Don’t just take our word for it, see our customers’ HCG Diet success stories here…