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Positive Side Effects Including the “Nesting Effect” on HCG

When a woman is on the HCG Diet, she is taking HCG drops and following a regimented diet. The HCG causes the body to use its abnormal fat reserves for fuel when its diet is restricted to specific foods supplying only a small number of calories. This causes the wonderful result of fast, effective and safe weight loss because it doesn’t use the structural fat that the body needs to protect vital organs. While you are not actually pregnant, the body responds as if you are and supplies your body with calories, whose source is NOT food that you have eaten, just as it would to feed a growing baby. Your body will be releasing into the system from 1,500 to 4,000 calories per day that was mined from your abnormal fat reserves not counting the 500 calories from the food you eat each day on the diet.


Here are 12 commonly reported positive side effects of the HCG Diet when the protocol is followed correctly:


  1. Women lose 20 to 30 pounds in a 40-day round
  2. Men lose 30 to 40 pounds in a 40-day round
  3. Reduction in the amount of unhealthy cholesterol
  4. Decrease and stabilization of blood sugar levels/reduction in insulin requirements (check with your doctor)
  5. Decrease in food cravings
  6. Increase in a desire for healthy foods
  7. Increase in energy levels
  8. Decrease in blood pressure and, accordingly, decrease in need for medication (check with your doctor)
  9. Improvement in overall health
  10. Reshaping of the body
  11. Better, deeper sleep
  12. An overall sense of well-being
  13. Sense of wanting to clean and organize


Have you ever got into that cleaning mood? You know, when your husband and kids leave the house and you have it all to yourself? That is the best time to clean without anyone messing up your hard work! The HCG Diet can also have what we refer to as the “nesting effect”. When a woman is pregnant, she may experience the urge to clean and organize her home, getting it ready for the bundle of joy that is growing inside of her. She instinctively knows that once that baby is born, cleaning will be on the back burner.


After about a week into the HCG Diet, your body will be cleansing which causes many people to have an energy rush which can produce numerous impulses to organize and clean your home. Getting all that sugar out of your system is thought to be a contributing factor. After all, sugar is known for the crashing affect that causes fatigue. However, the real reason for this new behavior is one of the positive side effects of the HCG Diet referred to as the “nesting effect.”


You may notice that around the fourth day of dieting you have lost as much as 5-10 pounds. You’ll feel lighter, more clear-headed and notice a desire to move that body.


So, get ready to not only get your body in order but your house too!