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Mineral Water vs. Alcohol Base HCG Diet Drops

When you place your order for HCG Diet drops on, you will have a choice between the mineral water base or the alcohol base drops. The difference in the formula base for the HCG does not change the effectiveness of the drops regarding losing weight. In other words, both formulas work equally well. One of the main differences in the mineral water vs. the alcohol is the taste. The mineral water drops tastes just like water but the alcohol base drops has a strong taste. Some people do not like the taste of the alcohol and prefer the mineral water drops for that reason while other people prefer the alcohol so they know they are really “getting something”.


While alcohol base drops are the norm, people who are allergic to alcohol, would want to purchase the mineral based drops. We recommend you refrigerate the mineral base drops after you open the bottle to preserve its effectiveness. The alcohol base does not need any refrigeration after opening the bottle, however, we recommend you keep the drops in a controlled environment that is neither too hot or too cold. If you have left your product out in the heat and the bottles were not opened and have an expiration date in the future, they should be “safe” to take. However, depending on how hot the temperature was in the car and if they were in this extreme temperature for an extended period, there could be color and taste degradation. The only way to know if there has been taste degradation due to heat and possibly sunlight is to taste it. If it tastes bad, you’ll want to throw it away, but a bad taste won’t harm you if it was unopened and not expired.


If you have any leftover drops, both formulas will need to be refrigerated to keep them preserved; they’ll generally last approximately 4 to 6 months. After the bottle is opened, you will not be able to use the expiration date on the bottle as an indication of effectiveness. We advise our customers that if you are planning to store your drops, be sure to mark the bottle with the date you opened it. Time has a way of getting away from us and before you know it, 6 months has passed you by. However, there is no guarantee that the drops haven’t lost their potency. The best way to know is to try them and if you are extremely hungry or fatigued, they probably are not releasing your fat cells for energy and have lost their potency.


While there are some out there who claim that the alcohol in our HCG negatively affects the potency of the HCG, we KNOW it does not.  We have been working with this formulation of HCG for years and have helped thousands and thousands of people to successfully lose weight.  So, claims that alcohol negatively affects the HCG are completely false! Alcohol MUST be in any non-refrigerated forms of homeopathic HCG drops to act as a preservative.  Otherwise, the HCG would go bad.  So, just know that you are getting reliable and effective HCG drops from us and please don’t let false claims scare you.


Some participants experience a slight tingling or burning sensation with the alcohol-based drops. If this sensation is intolerable to you, try one of these solutions:


Solution 1 - if only the throat hurts, hold the HCG under your tongue and spit out the solution after 2 - 5 minutes.  At that time, all the HCG will have been absorbed into your system.


Solution 2 - add .5 cc warm water to the .5 cc hcg before placing under your tongue.  This will decrease the intensity of the alcohol for those with very sensitive mouths.