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How to Find Time to Exercise on the DIY HCG Diet

Photo - Man walking with dogsExercise is absolutely essential for good health and well being, but that doesn't mean it's easy to break from what you're doing and get yourself some. Whether you are on the DIY HCG Diet or not, finding the time to exercise is important. Everyone has trouble getting motivated to exercise sometimes, but if your lack of exercise is chronic, there are a number of clever ways to fit exercise into your daily routine.


The Centers for Disease Control recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio each week, which boils down to a half hour of activity five days a week. Now, according to the CDC, you can get the same effects by breaking your half hour down into three ten-minute bursts of activity a day. And who can't find ten minutes three times a day to get in a little life-saving exercise?


Here are a variety of ways to get ten minutes' worth of exercise most days of the week.

And don't forget, while on the DIY HCG Diet, you should follow the HCG manuscript protocol when it comes to exercise.


Get up a little early.

Waking up just fifteen minutes earlier than usual gives you five minutes to become conscious and ten minutes to move your booty. Take a walk, hit the home gym for a go on the treadmill, or do ten minutes' worth of sun salutations. Exercising in the morning has its own special benefits, including better clarity throughout the day and a revved up metabolism.


Take a "smoke" break.

If people still take smoke breaks where you work, get up when they do, and hit the pavement for a ten-minute walk or jog while they suck on their cancer sticks. Do that three times a day on the smokers' schedule, and you'll get all your exercise in before it's time to go home. Extra points if you can get the smokers to join you!


Stretch your commute.

If you live close to work, bike there whenever you can. If it's a ten-minute ride each way, there's two-thirds of your exercise requirements right there. If you bus to work, get off a few stops early, and walk the rest of the way. If you drive, park as far away from the office as possible.


Do some yard work.

Raking, digging, shoveling, and mowing with a manual mower are all considered moderate-intensity exercises, according to the CDC. That gives you a good excuse to get out into the yard for some productive hard labor and quality time with your landscaping.


Make housework count.

Like laborious yard work, intense housework like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, picking up, and other activities count as exercise. Make the most of your housecleaning time by moving a little more than you really need to. Try putting on some danceable music, and double the power of your "workout" with some killer moves.


Walk where you need to go.

If you drive to a lot of places that are within walking distance of your home, as many of us do, consider leaving the car behind and hoofing it instead. A trip to the grocery store, post office, the kids' school, or your friend's place can become prime workout time.


Weight train during commercials.

Commercial breaks don't last quite ten minutes, but getting in some weight training during breaks in your shows can burn extra calories and work your major muscle groups. The CDC recommends two weight training sessions a week. Bringing along a set of hand weights to the couch or doing some planks or squats during endless pharmaceutical ads can help you knock that out in no time.


Finding the time to sneak in some exercise each day will help prevent numerous diseases down the road, make it easier to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, improve your mental health, and reduce your stress levels. So, what are you waiting for? Lace up those shoes, set the timer for ten, and get a move on.


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