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The Top 12 Errors People Make During the 500-Calorie Diet Phase of the HCG Diet

As long as there's HCG in your system, abnormal fat that has been locked up in storage has the potential to be released into the blood stream. During the low-calorie phase, although you're only eating 500 calories each day, your body is using far more than that from the fat being lost. Your body may burn 1,500 to 4,000 calories or more in fat each day. The 500-calorie daily diet is specifically designed to support and optimize the whole process, and breaking the rules will very likely have a very negative effect on the outcome.


Before you begin the HCG Protocol, it's important to read Dr. Simeons' manuscript and familiarize yourself with the details of each phase. It may also help to know ahead of time where other people often hit a snag. These are the top twelve most common errors people make during the low-calorie diet phase.


  1. Using the wrong spices. Many spices are mixtures of different ingredients, which may include forbidden oils, sugars, starches, and other ingredients that are off limits, such as orange peel. Read the ingredients list on seasonings very carefully before using anything to spice up your food. We carry diet-approved spices for your convenience. Click on the picture to order.
  1. Not loading up on gorge days. Before the 500-calorie phase commences, it's critical to gorge properly on high-fat foods.
  1. Mixing vegetables. Some people continue to lose weight even when mixing vegetables. If you mix yours, keep this in mind in the event your weight loss slows or stops.
  1. Using mints and gum. Chewing gum and mints, even sugar-free varieties, are off-limits, but again, if you choose to use either of these, mark it on your weight chart so you can look back and troubleshoot if you hit a plateau.
  1. Drinking diet soda or other diet drinks. Diet drinks may have zero calories, but it's the other ingredients that may dramatically slow your weight loss. Try using diet-approved stevia to flavor your allowed beverages. Click here for more information about the many flavors of stevia you can use on the diet. Keep in mind that the water drops are not allowed until maintenance.
  1. Eating too much American beef. American beef, especially ground beef, contains considerably more fat than the European beef that Dr. Simeons would have had in mind when he wrote his manuscript. Try to consume ground beef no more than twice a week. If you eat more chicken, lean steak, and fish, you may find that your weight loss accelerates.
  1. Weighing a portion of protein after cooking. It's the weight of the raw portion of meat that's important and it should be 100 grams or 3.5 ounces.
  1. Eating the same protein twice in a day. Variety is important during the low-calorie diet phase.
  1. Getting dehydrated. Optimum weight loss absolutely depends on adequate hydration. A dehydrated body causes its systems to operate sluggishly. Drink at least two quarts of water a day. Try using diet-approved stevia to flavor your water. Click here for more information about the many flavors of stevia you can use on the diet. Keep in mind that the water drops are not allowed until maintenance.
  1. Weighing in different circumstances each day. Accuracy is important during the HCG Protocol. You should weigh yourself around the same time each day, ideally in the morning. Weigh yourself in the same clothes before you've had anything to eat or drink and after you've urinated.
  1. Dining out. It's crucial that you prepare your own meals so that you're certain they adhere to the strict guidelines — dining out should be avoided or at least kept to a minimum. Restaurant foods can be ‘juiced’ with sugars and other additives that are out of your control, but could still slow or stall weight loss.
  1. Using body care products that contain oil. What you put in your body is absorbed into the bloodstream, as is what you put ON it. Avoid cosmetics, lotions, oils, and hygiene products that contain oil as much as you can, and use oil-free versions whenever possible. Click here to order Tiffalina's oil-free, diet-approved facial cream, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner.