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Tonight’s Matchup: The HCG Diet vs. The Master Cleanse


In this day and age, people like to do everything fast and losing weight is no different. That’s why people choose diets like the HCG Diet and the Master Cleanse, a.k.a the Lemonade Diet or California Kicker Diet. Both are low calorie diets with the Master Cleanse being a 650-calorie diet and the HCG Diet being a 500 calorie diet. At first glance, The Master Cleanse diet sounds a little better because you get 150 more calories…but hold on a minute: the Master Cleanse Diet calls for tea, tonic water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, no solid food at all! You’ll lose a lot of weight, there’s no doubt about that — the claim is 20 pounds in just 10 days. But some say that you’ll lose water weight and lean muscle mass rather than fat, and fasting may cause your metabolism to stall. Regardless, the Master Cleanse has proven to be a quick way to drop weight before your next visit to the beach without breaking the bank and proposes to rid your body of built up toxins, but you better go the beach quick before gaining the weight back!


And the HCG Diet? You’ll similarly lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time — about 20-30 pounds in about a month’s time. Unlike the Master Cleanse, you’ll be consuming a very specific list of solid healthy food from an allowable list of meat, vegetables and fruit in conjunction with taking your HCG supplement. While you’ll be following a 500-calorie diet, which is admittedly low, because HCG allows the body to tap into abnormal fat stores when not enough calories are eaten, a person benefits from their stored fat as it is burned up, resulting in the person feeling satiated and usually having plenty of energy to boot. Since HCG targets abnormal fat first, this makes it a great option for somebody who has tried other diets and seen some results, but still has fat in places they don’t want it. Once you’ve completed the diet, you’ll follow the maintenance plan to ensure you continue your success.


Which diet is right for you? They both offer quick results, although the HCG Diet may be a better long-term solution for losing weight and keeping it off. Looking for more information on the HCG Diet to make a decision? Just visit our HCG FAQ section or contact DIY HCG today.