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Here Comes the Sun – Tanning on the HCG Diet

Exposing yourself to sun or tanning beds isn’t the best thing for your health in general, but it can be especially detrimental during the VLCD of the HCG Diet and can really take a toll on your HCG weight loss.


This is because when our skin is exposed to these things, our body excretes certain toxins. As a result, our kidneys, when trying to process these toxins, end up storing excess water all over our body. This becomes evident on the scale the next day. That’s why we suggest staying out of the sun and away from the tanning salon while on the HCG Diet.


Ok, ok, we get it. Not everyone can stay indoors for 40 days straight. So here’s what we suggest:


If you have to be in the sun, cover up as best you can, drink tons and tons of water (because dehydration will just make it worse), and prepare yourself for a smaller loss or slight gain the next day.


Yes, it might be a little inconvenient, but you have to keep in mind that it’s only for a month, then you can feel free to do whatever you like. However, don’t be surprised if you notice gains any time you are out in the sun during a round of the HCG Diet.


Have you experienced stalls or gains from sun exposure on the HCG Diet?