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HCG Diet Advice – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

We see so many HCG companies out there talking about the HCG Diet that mislead customers all the time. This is so hard for us to watch and we are always working to make sure good, sound advice is always being put out on the internet and in the publications that we at DIY HCG write and sell. But, it’s an uphill battle.


Not sure what we’re talking about? Here are a couple of examples of the most common, bad HCG advice:


  • Companies promoting lots of shakes and bars, especially with additional 'meals' or 'snacks' added — this doesn't lead to long term success with 'normal' food. Substituting a shake here and there with a shake that been meticulously chosen should be fine, but that is not what a lot of plans encourage.
  • Companies who say that foods like turkey are okay on the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) are straying at least a little and potentially a lot if you look at other areas.
  • Companies who say you can keep using your regular lotion during the VLCD on HCG either lack experience or have never picked up on the fact that product with fats and oils CAN slow or stop weight loss on HCG. We have seen a few people who lost fine, but many who have not due to using the smallest amount of product such as makeup, applying Neosporin ointment, and rolling butter cookies before baking at Christmas.
  • Companies suggesting 800 calorie diet plans or 50- or 60-day plans in order to have a 'safe' caloric intake. Either people understand and believe the HCG Diet philosophy, where 1500 to 4000 calories are released into your system daily by the HCG when you lose the fat, OR they don't!
  • Companies who sell a product called HCG but don’t actually list HCG in the ingredients.


These 'adaptations' slow the rate of loss, which means you do more rounds and buy more products for slower results. While we love the HCG diet, we don't love it that much! So please, be in the know and be careful when you are looking for an HCG company to buy HCG Diet products from or take HCG advice from!


Here are a few questions to ask that should help weed out any not-so-reputable companies:


  1. Do they have their phone number and address listed somewhere obvious?
  2. Do they follow Dr. Simeons’ original HCG guidelines for food and personal care products?
  3. If you call them, does a real person answer the phone, sound like they understand, sound like they have experience on the diet, sound like they care, provide support?
  4. Any of this sound familiar?