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Double Chin Anyone? How to Get Rid of It…At Least In Pictures

A double chin can be embarrassing for anyone who has it, even if you only have it in pictures! While there aren't really any quick and easy remedies to getting rid of a double chin, you can make sure that you can lessen your double chin or perhaps even eliminate it in photos.


Here are the tips to avoid a double chin in pictures:


  1. Whenever pictures are being taken, stick your neck out a little bit. Of course, you don’t want to look like a turtle looking out of its shell but just a slight pull forward (chin first) can make your neck look smaller. Don’t look up though. Stick your neck out slightly and then look down and into the camera.
  2. Instead of taking a picture head-on while sticking your neck out a bit with chin parallel to the floor, turn your chin down at an angle. This plays some tricks with proportion and the skin under your chin. For example, Reese Witherspoon usually looks great in pictures but this one looks different from her others because she isn't looking down into the camera. Instead her chin is straight out and parallel with the floor. So, it turns into a bit of a boxy look.
  3. Practice in the mirror! One of the best ways to make sure you look great in pictures is to get down a sort of trademark pose that you do. It eliminates the guess work and helps turn out great pictures!


Chin Up, Straight Into Camera:


Chin Down, Slightly Angled Face:


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