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36 Sneaky Names For Sugars In Your Food

If you’re trying to watch your weight or just be generally healthy, you probably already know that sugars (especially fake, processed, or modified sugars) can wreak havoc on your body. (Just to be clear: We are NOT saying that sugar is evil and should be completely wiped from your diet. If that is your choice, great, but we aren’t saying you are going to die if you don’t remove it.)


So, to help you on your quest to eliminate the unnecessary sugars, here is a list of 36 sneaky other names for sugar that manufacturers use to get the pesky ingredient into your food:


  1. Sucrose
  2. Maltose
  3. Dextrose
  4. Fructose
  5. Glucose
  6. Galactose
  7. Lactose
  8. High fructose corn syrup
  9. Glucose solids
  10. Cane juice
  11. Dehydrated cane juice
  12. Cane juice solids
  13. Cane juice crystals
  14. Dextrin
  15. Maltodextrin
  16. Dextran
  17. Barley malt
  18. Beet sugar
  19. Corn syrup
  20. Corn syrup solids
  21. Caramel
  22. Buttered syrup
  23. Carob syrup
  24. Malt syrup
  25. Diatase
  26. Diatastic malt
  27. Fruit juice
  28. Fruit juice concentrate
  29. Dehydrated fruit juice
  30. Fruit juice crystals
  31. Golden syrup
  32. Turbinado
  33. Sorghum syrup
  34. Refiner’s syrup
  35. Ethyl maltol
  36. Maple syrup