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​Adjustments to HCG Dosages During a Cycle

Dr. Simeons' discovery that HCG releases abnormal fat into the bloodstream for use as energy has helped countless people to lose weight. He also found that it may lead to physiological changes in the body that make weight maintenance easier after a person has successfully completed the HCG Diet.


Most people start off with a suggested homeopathic HCG dose of .5 cc, taken three times a day, and find the suggested dosage to be sufficient for optimum weight loss and an increase in energy levels, as well as prevention of hunger during the 500 calorie diet phase. But, there are some cases in which your provider or other hcg dieters have found that a small increase in the dosage is beneficial.



According to Dr. Simeons, what's unique about the HCG Diet compared to other diets is that as you release the fat (lose the weight), your body is "feeding" on the abnormal fat reserves that have built up over time. So even though you are only consuming about 500 calories each day during the low calorie phase of the diet, you don't feel ravenous like you do on other low-calorie diets. Typically, participants are not hungry after the first week of the low calorie phase of the protocol. If you find that you are extremely hungry after the first week, you may want to check with your provider or slightly increase your HCG dose a little as this has been reported to take care of the hunger.



Just as you shouldn't be hungry during the protocol, you should also not feel extremely fatigued. If you're taking the optimum dosage of HCG, your body will be getting plenty of fuel, and you may even feel like you have more energy than usual.


Slowed Weight Loss

If you are following the protocol perfectly with regard to both what goes in your mouth (food & drink) and what goes on your skin (no lotions/makeup/other items that contain oil) and you don’t feel good or are consistently kind of hungry, you may want to try a slightly higher dosage of HCG.


How Much to Increase Your Dosage

If you are dealing with one of the situations above and have decided to try a slight increase in HCG dosage, it is a good idea to take notes or journal what you are doing on a daily basis. With regard to how to go about increasing your dosage, the following method has been reported to be an effective way to find the optimum dosage.


If you started out at a recommended .5 cc dosage and it doesn't seem to be doing the trick, try bumping it up by .1 cc, to a total of .6 cc administered per dose and see how that goes for the next 2 days. If low dosage is your issue, you should see noticeable improvement within two days. If not, and if you're sure you're following the protocol exactly as outlined, you may try bumping it up again by .1 cc, for example, to a total of .7 cc, three times a day.


The Challenge of Keeping to the Schedule

For people who keep long hours, such as those who work late into the night or who have an overnight shift, taking HCG four times a day instead of three may help with issues of hunger or fatigue. If you choose to try dosing every six hours instead of every eight, you may want to lower each dose to ¼ of the total daily dosage. For example, if you started out taking .5cc three times a day, but would like to try taking HCG four times a day, then you could try taking slightly less than .4cc, which will add up to 1.6 cc of HCG per day.


On the other hand, if you aren’t ever hungry and you feel like dosing three times a day is very cumbersome, you can try increasing the dosage to .75 cc and taking it just twice a day instead of three times. You'll still get your daily 1.5 cc, but in a way that's more convenient for you.