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HCG Diet Sample Menus

womanexcitedonscale-hcg-weight-loss-hcg-diet.jpgWe have created several HCG diet sample menus for all parts and phases of the HCG diet to give you some ideas of how to incorporate foods together while on the HCG diet. Click below to get your creative juices flowing & start planning your HCG meals today.

Gorge Day Sample Menus 

Also known as load days on the HCG diet. You'll see high-fat foods such as pizza, ranch, cheese, etc on these HCG gorge day menu. 

Phase 2 Sample Menus 

Also known as HCG VLCD and HCG P2. You'll see very low calorie foods such as lean meats, veggies, fruits. Plus some HCG safe products thrown in, like our hcg safe bbq sauce, hcg safe dressings, and hcg safe seasonings.

Phase 3 Sample Menus 

Also known as HCG maintenance and HCG P3. You'll see larger, heathier meals to help establish your new found freedom. Most of the HCG phase 3 meals are also centered around protein, which is a very important part of this HCG diet phase.

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