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HCG Diet Plateau Breakers Part 2

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There are two different ways to 'break' a weight loss stall for the HCG Diet. 1.) Apple Day 2.) Mini Steak Day LEARN MORE...

Here are two of the top HCG Diet Plateau Breakers:

  • HCG Apple Day: For an HCG Apple Day you do not drink anything all day & do not eat anything until lunch time. Starting at lunch time, you may eat up to 6 apples from lunch time until midnight. Only minimal amounts of water are allowed, such as to take medication or to quench extreme thirst. No other food or liquid is allowed on an HCG Apple Day. On an HCG Apple Day only drink to satisfy thirst.
  • HCG Mini Steak Day: For a HCG Mini Steak Day drink ample amount of allowable HCG drinks all day (plain coffee, tea, and water). For dinner have a 3.5 oz. beef sirloin or beef filet steak with a raw apple or tomato. Do not eat more than a 3.5 ounces piece of steak... The mini HCG steak day should not be confused with a HCG Maintenance (HCG Phase 3) steak day.

Always keep in mind that people are different. What works best for one person does NOT necessarily work best for another person. Furthermore, what causes HCG stalls or HCG gains for one person does not necessarily do the same for others.


We highly recommend that you do NOT change how you follow the protocol just because someone else reports losing weight with a modification on the HCG diet rules from Dr. Simeons' manuscript. This applies to HCG products and, even more so, with regard to recipes. Be aware that there are more non-compliant HCG protocol recipes circulating on the web than HCG protocol compliant recipes.

Rest assured that all HCG recipes on www.diyhcg.com are checked for compliance with the HCG diet before posting, and we will continue to add more free HCG recipes for all phases of the HCG diet (commonly mistaken as the HGC diet) as time goes on, so check back often.
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