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HCG Diet Plateau Breakers (Part 1 of 2)

Stalls of weight loss on the HCG diet can be frustrating... do one of the two approved HCG stall breakers, learn more HERE!

Weight loss on the HCG diet is usually pretty fast... until you hit a stall or plateau. 

A stall on the HCG diet is considered 3 or more days of no weight loss. A stall on the HCG diet can last up to 10 days, but are typically 4-6 days. Nip a stall in the bud by completing one of the two allowed HCG stall breaker days.

Dr. Simeons' said “Plateaus do occur at times on the HCG diet, even when the HCG diet is being followed perfectly”. in his official HCG manuscript (download Dr. Simeons' manuscript here).

While HCG plateaus are very frustrating, they will eventually break on their own, but may take up to 10 days. No need to 'wait it out', there are strategies to break stalls on the HCG diet sooner, rather than later. The two most common HCG stall breaking strategies are...

  • A HCG Diet Apple Day
  • A HCG Diet Mini Steak Day

Descriptions of how to complete a HCG apple day or HCG mini steak day are listed on the next page.

Keep reading, click here for HCG Diet Plateau Breakers (Part 1 of 2)


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