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HCG Diet Foods from HCG Perfect Portions.com

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DIY HCG partners with HCG Perfect Portions to bring you the best HCG salad dressings, HCG spices, HCG meats, and more!

For anyone who is on the DIY HCG diet plan, it can be a huge hassle to get your HCG diet meat exactly how you need it, or your HCG diet vegetables just the way you like them. However, that is not the case anymore while on the HCG diet because of this amazing brand of HCG approved items. The solution is HCG Perfect Portions, a fresh food company that allows you to easily plan and prepare all of your HCG diet (commonly mistaken as the HGC diet) meals. When using the provided protein and vegetable servings from HCG Perfect Portions, you will discover like never before how quick and easy it is to prepare your HCG diet meals. Simply order your pre-cut, de-fatted, perfectly measured protein portions from the HCG Perfect Portions website by clicking below.  It will then be shipped in a cooler to your home ready for you to defrost and grill!

You will see that we NOW sell many HCG spices, HCG salad dressings, HCG meats, and pre-made HCG sauces (like our new HCG BBQ Sauce) that have the purple HCG Perfect Portions label on them. We are proud to partner with HCG Perfect Portions because we know that they create the best HCG food products available for the HCG Diet.

Pre-portioned, de-fatted HCG meats made specifically for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet... look now! You can not use store-bought pizza sauce on HCG, but you CAN make your own. See the recipe HERE! Pre-portioned, de-fatted HCG meats made specifically for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet... look now!

The company also offers a selection of frozen HCG diet vegetable options made with tomatoes and several great seasoning combinations, such as Tomato Italiano and Chili Sauce. Any food provided by HCG Perfect Portions is sure to bring you fast, easy, and delicious meals on the HCG diet. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking through our HCG products (on the left hand side of this page) to see what products we sell from HCG Perfect Portions & achieve your fast weight loss diet goal today with the HCG diet and HCG diet foods from HCG Perfect Portions.

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