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Free HCG Diet Recipes

HCG recipes galore! Losing weight is easy with these healthy recipes for phase 2 and phase 3 of the HCG Diet.

What kind of HCG recipes are you looking for? Phase 2 or Phase 3? Click below to see all of our HCG recipes (with pictures) for each phase of the HCG diet:

HCG Recipes for Phase 2 (also known as HCG P2 or VLCD Phase)

HCG Recipes for Phase 3 (also known as HCG P3 or Maintenance Phase)


For some of the recipes included in this section you will need some of the following HCG food products. Such as stevia powder, grissini sticks, flavored stevia, spices, and some of our HCG dressings (which can be used as a marinade too). To learn more about each of these items, click below!

Get 100% protocol approved HCG safe foods HERE!

Dont make a mistake....... Not all stevia is treated equally!

Find top-rated HCG diet spices that are sweetened with stevia... perfect for all phases of the HCG diet! Find the best HCG diet safe salad dressings HERE with three different flavors of dressings available!
HCG Food Items HCG Stevia Liquid HCG Seasonings HCG Salad Dressings