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HCG Drops Storage Instructions for Maximum Effectiveness

We get some customers who purchase their HCG drops, but then something happens that prolongs their start date. Therefore, they need to store the HCG drops for use at a later date.

Here are some tips for storing HCG drops to ensure they stay effective. Please be aware, these storage instructions are for homeopathic HCG. If you are on a different type of HCG, the storage methods could be different, please contact whichever company you purchased from and they should be able to help.

According to many homeopathic HCG manufacturers, HCG drops are potent for at least 4 years if they are unopened and stored in a cool dark place.

If you are asking yourself "what about storing HCG drops?", "how to store HCG drops?", or "where to store HCG drops?"... These guidelines for how to store HCG should help.

Storing Unopened Bottles of HCG for Maximum Effectiveness:

  • Store your HCG drops in a cool, dark place (like a dark pantry or a dark cabinet).
  • Keep your HCG drops AWAY from electromagnetic waves.
  • Store the HCG drops away from microwaves, they are the most common household source of electromagnetic waves.
  • Keep your HCG drops out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep the HCG drops at room temperature.
  • Don't leave your HCG drops in your car or outside for an extended period of time.
  • Don't store or use the HCG drops after the expiration date.
    • The HCG expiration time period should be listed on the bottle, approximately 4 years from date of manufacturing.
    • If you do not know the expiration date of your HCG drops, please contact whichever company you purchased from and they should be able to help.

Again, store HCG Diet drops in a cool, dark place and they should last at least 4 years since they were made.

The expiration date of HCG drops should be located somewhere on your bottle. On DIY HCG bottles, the expiration date is on the label of the bottle listed with an abbreviation of the month and the last 2 digits of the year following the month. Example, APR 17 means that your HCG drops expire in April of 2017.

The above instructions are for storing unopened HCG, if you are wondering how to store opened, used HCG drops keep reading.

Free Shipping On All HCG Diet DropsStoring Opened Bottles of HCG for Maximum Effectiveness:

If you have extra HCG drops left over from a recent round and you're planning on doing another round within 6 months you can save your left-over HCG for your next round!

  • Once a bottle of HCG is opened, it will inevitably be contaminated with saliva, air, etc.
  • When storing open bottles of HCG between rounds, you may want to store them in the refrigerator.
  • However, refrigeration is not necessary if you are going to be using them within about 1 month of opening.
  • The estimated shelf life of an opened bottle of HCG is 6 months, after that, the potency of the HCG may be effected and it's truly up to you if you want to use the HCG drops after that date.

We hoped this helped answer your HCG storage questions, if you need help locating your expiration date on a DIY HCG bottle or if you have any other HCG storage questions, please feel free to contact us.

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