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Best HCG Grissini Sticks for Phase 2

"Get 100% protocol approved HCG Diet Safe Grissini Breadsticks!"

Some people call them grissini sticks, some call them grissino…whatever name you use for the HCG Diet allowed breadsticks, it doesn't matter.

What matters is... making sure you are eating the right kind and right brand of breadsticks for the HCG Diet. Simply follow the guidelines below to get the best type of grissini breadsticks.

  • Correct County of Origin: Dr. Simeons’ manuscript refers to Grissini Breadsticks from Italy. Italian grissini have different ingredients and are a very different size than the breadsticks you might find in your American grocery store.
  • Correct Size of breadsticks: The correct breadsticks for the HCG Diet are about the size of a pencil and have very few calories.
  • Correct Quantity: You are allowed a total to 2 grissini breadsticks per day (1 per meal) on the HCG Diet, typically one at lunch and one at dinner.
  • Correct Brand of breadsticks: We import the 'Vita Vigor' brand from Italy.
  • Correct Flavor of breadsticks: The following flavors of grissini are allowed: Plain/Traditional, Garlic, and Multi-Grain.

Finding HCG Diet approved grissini sticks in stores can be a difficult task in the United States, so for convenience we sell them here.

Gluten Free? Don't worry... we offer a gluten free breadstick substitute for the HCG Diet.

We recommend our Organic Ancient Grain Crispbread because it has been tested for compliance with the HCG Diet.

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