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DIY HCG was started by Linda and Tiffany, HCG Diet Plan experts, in December of 2008 to help people with the HCG Diet who wanted to 'Do It Themselves', rather than the time and expensive getting a full blown HCG package at a doctor’s office.

Linda was already an owner of another HCG company called "Pounds and Inches Away", which she started in 2007. Pounds and Inches Away was a full service HCG Diet consulting firm, who had thousands of successful HCG clients. During her time as a HCG Diet Consultant, Linda became a real life HCG Diet Plan Expert. Tiffany worked as a HCG consultant for Pounds and Inches Away where she gained knowledge and experience with the HCG Diet. Tiffany was actively involved in the HCG Diet forums, as a HCG Diet Expert, and noticed the need for homeopathic HCG drops online. So, Linda and Tiffany decided to launch as they already had a significant amount of experience in successfully helping others to complete the HCG Diet successfully. Then Leanne joined the team. Leanne has real life experience with the HCG Diet and is recognized a HCG Diet Plan Expert.

Owners DIY HCG - Linda, Leanne, and Tiffany