Natural Ways of Battling Depression

Depression is a serious and difficult condition. As it becomes a bigger part of the nation-wide conversation, you might begin to question whether you yourself suffer from it. If you're worried about depression, seek the help of a licensed medical professional. Communicating with your doctor or therapist is the most important step you can take to combatting depression. In addition to the professional advice given by your doctor, these natural ways of battling depression can help get you back on track.



One of the most damaging effects of depression is the destruction of structure within your life. If you've ever felt grief or even day-to-day sadness, you know that these feelings cause you to avoid doing things that you've previously done or that you know you need to do. So, you've got to set a routine! Gradually easing yourself into a daily schedule can bring back that lost structure and help you feel anchored as you try to get your emotions in check.



This one seems easy. However, sleep seems to always be sacrificed in favor of some other activity. Also, during depression, insomnia often rears its ugly head. Insomnia is a difficult beast to conquer, but enforcing consistent sleep times can give you a chance for some shuteye. Try not to nap during the day, as this further disrupts your sleep cycle. Remove any distractions from your bedroom that will keep you from falling asleep. That includes computers! The blue light from electronic devices has been found to cause sleep problems in many people.



Meditation is often mistaken for emptying your mind, however, it really means to think carefully or deeply about something. Taking at least ten minutes a day to breathe deeply and focus can do wonders for your mental state. Contemplate the reasons for your difficult emotions, and try to realize their temporary nature. Overcoming your mental blockade is one of the most important natural ways of battling depression. Doing activities like reading and studying that require extreme mental focus can help achieve that effect. Challenge any negative thoughts you have and use logic to break them down.


Physical Exercise

Everyone needs to exercise, but depression victims even more so. Physical exertion activates the production of mood-elevating chemicals like serotonin, and it gives you a sense of empowerment that you desperately need while in a slump. Your self-confidence and self-image are boosted, along with the health of your heart and body.


Try New Things

Pushing the boundaries of your own knowledge can help show you how much more there is out in the world. Learning about new topics and acquiring new skills makes you feel accomplished, and it also produces dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that's associated with pleasure and enjoyment. During a state of depression, this can be a helpful boost to your mental state. Gradually take on new responsibilities as you build yourself back up from your emotional bottom.


Emotional distress is difficult to cope with and difficult to treat. However, there is help out there. Speak to your doctor, and try out some of these natural ways of battling depression to help you recover your self-confidence.