Tips to Get Over Gym Anxiety

Going to a gym is a great way to get fit, as you'll have a wide range of equipment to use and the freedom to exercise regardless of weather conditions. However, many people suffer from anxiety that stops them from going to the gym. Whether you worry about hurting yourself on the treadmill, making a fool of yourself on a machine or think you'll look out of place, these tips will help to calm you.


  • Sign up for a fitness class that is pitched at a level suitable for beginners. You'll meet lots of other people who are just getting started, many of whom may be nervous as well. In addition, you can even tell the instructor that you're a new gym user and may need a bit of extra help.


  • Work out when the gym is quiet. Very few people choose to exercise after 8 pm, for example, so you will have more freedom to experiment with machines and work out how to use equipment. If you want to have concrete details about quiet times, ask a member of staff.


  • Zone into music when you're exercising. When you have your favorite songs motivating you, it's easier to lose yourself in the rhythm of your workout and forget the other people around you. Further, remember that most other people are focused on their music as well.


  • Think about what you're going to do before you go to the gym. This strategy stops you from feeling paralyzed when you get there. Once you start cultivating a routine, the whole process of working out becomes much less stressful.


  • If you are nervous about injuring yourself, ask for guidance in the gym or simply do some reading before you go. Plenty of websites will tell you exactly how to use common gym equipment without causing pain.


  • Finally, consider whether you might be able to find a gym buddy to accompany you. Most environments are less intimidating if you're with a friend, and taking a companion can also help you to stay motivated when you're tired or bored.