How to Look Thinner in Pictures: It’s ALL in the Angles

Ever had a photo taken of you that makes you look like you weigh about 300 lbs more than you ACTUALLY weigh? When it happens to my brother, he calls it “looking like a rhino”…which is completely accurate, even though he doesn’t actually look like that in real life.


There’s nothing like seeing that tagged photo of you come across your Facebook feed to get you moving as quickly as possible to remove that tag…or the whole photo. The good news is that photo ballooning (as I call it) is VERY easy to prevent. It’s ALL in the angles! Those babies can help you lose or gain pounds on camera in an instant. So, here are some great tips on how to look smokin’ hot…and thinner…in your next pic!


Keep Your Standards High…Or At Least At Eye Level
Do NOT let people take a picture from a lower stance than you. The camera needs to be at your height or higher. Otherwise, you could appear to have a Shrek-esque height and girth in the photo…no matter how small you are!


Hands On Your Hips
While most older people and most guys are probably tired of girls doing the elbow out (hand on hip) pose, it works wonders on your waist line in photos. Namely, IT GIVES YOU ONE. Plus, that space in between your body and arm balances out the eye and, with all that space, makes it look like your waist is so little that your arm doesn’t even touch it.


If you don’t want to channel Kim Kardashian with the hand on hip move, you can just slightly hold your arm away from your body during the picture. It will give a similar effect.


Stick Your Chin Out
While you may feel like a robot or a praying mantis awkwardly sticking your neck out for a photo, it can actually make a huge difference in avoiding the dreaded double chin. It doesn’t need to be out a foot, but a slight protrusion of the neck can really make your neck, head, and whole body look thinner.


Turn Your Body
Turning your body slightly to the camera usually makes you look thinner, but not too much! You don’t want a side profile as sometimes that isn’t YOUR best angle. So a slight turn to the camera, with your foot pointing to the lens and your weight on your back leg, does good things for you. Turning your head is also a good idea.


Turn Your Head
Taking a photo with a straight body and head straight on usually makes people look bigger. Slightly angle your head/chin down with that body turn and, viola!


Don’t Wear a Picnic Blanket…Or Other Unflattering Patterns
If you know you are going to be somewhere where your picture will be taken (which is pretty much everywhere now, thanks to smart phones), wear clothes that you know are flattering in pictures. I have found that small stripes on me make my chest look ginormous and so, if a photo is taken that doesn’t go below my chest, I look like I gained about 200 lbs. I won’t wear that dress if I anticipate the event to be a photo-happy one! You can test out outfits before you wear them by snapping a pic in the mirror. That pic won’t lie to you.


There you have aware of your angles and you’ll be golden in your next pic. Replace your usual horror with contentment as that picture with you looking amazing  comes crawling across your Facebook feed.