4 Foods That Are Bad For Your Nails, Hair and Skin



The foods we eat have a direct bearing on the state of our health and that includes the condition of our nails, hair, and skin. It's very discouraging to have dry and brittle hair and nails. Since both hair and nails are made of the same protein, keratin, it is easy to understand why people often suffer from problems with both at the same time. Some foods are especially bad for your nails, hair and skin and should be eaten rarely or avoided altogether.


Sugar — There is really nothing good to say about sugar, or foods that break down into sugar, when it comes to a person's health. Sugar is one of the culprits that cause those tiny age lines on your face and actually accelerates the formation of wrinkles. It also contributes to the loss of elasticity in the skin. Become a label reader, as you may not expect to find sugar in some of the foods you eat. Eliminate soda from your diet, and do not substitute diet soda as it has its own set of health-related issues. High glycemic foods break down quickly to sugar and pose the same risks as white sugar. Everything made with white flour, such as pasta, bread, cookies, cake, and similar deserts will trigger the same response in the body, which can lead to hair thinning and nail damage.


Vitamin A — We certainly need vitamin A, but many people are getting too much of it and suffering the unpleasant results. High doses of vitamin A can lead to hair loss. While most multivitamins do not contain a high level of A, individual vitamin A supplements may. Some medications also contain vitamin A and why one of the side effects of some treatments is thinning hair. Hair returns to its normal growth pattern after the excessive amount of vitamin A has been removed from the diet.


Fish With High Mercury Levels — Some fish have very high levels of mercury and the over-consumption of swordfish, mackerel, and some types of tuna can head to hair loss. Increased mercury levels also affect the skin as it tries to expel the dangerous poison. The skin can become very dry and flaky as well as develop sever itching issues. Mercury can also interfere with normal perspiration and cause profuse sweating or the inability to sweat. Fingernails lose their strength and split and break very easily. Mercury causes many other serious health issues with some being life-threatening. Avoid the intake of excessive mercury contaminated fish to prevent damage to skin, hair and nails.


Alcohol — Alcohol is a diuretic, which drains the body of water and nutrients. Excessive drinking plays havoc with your skin and causes harm to your nails. You may develop rosacea, which starts with an uncontrollable blush and eventually develops into a facial disfigurement. Nails suffer from a lack of nutrients lost as a result of the diuretic effects of drinking alcohol in excessive amounts.


Eliminate or drastically reduce the above four foods to experience improved hair, skin and nails.