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SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/Clear Sweet Drops

$14.99 $13.97
(You save $1.02)

SweetLeaf Stevia Flavored/Clear Sweet Drops

$14.99 $13.97
(You save $1.02)

Product Description

As you probably already know, there are two sweeteners allowed while on the HCG diet; saccharin and stevia. Saccharin is completely artificial and has been linked to several negative healthy issues. Therefore, we only recommending using all-natural stevia while on the HCG diet.

This stevia can be used in any quantity on all phases of the HCG diet (including phase 2 and phase 3). Our liquid stevia is available in many great for flavors that are perfect for adding some flair to coffee/tea or for transforming plain water into soda-like drinks.  

Here's a little more information from the Wisdom Natural Brand of Sweetleaf Stevia: 

  • Best tasting; highest quality stevia
  • No added chemicals and extracted using only heat and purified water
  • All natural
  • Zero calories
  • Zero glycemic index
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Great for baking and cooking; unlike chemical sweeteners
  • Kosher certified
  • No saccharin; aspartame; refined sugar; maltodextrin; fructose; or artificial sweeteners of any kind!
  • For information regarding ingredients, please click here.

If you are a coffee drinker we recommend vanilla creme stevia, chocolate stevia, english toffee stevia, and/or hazelnut stevia. If you're looking to make soda-like drinks we recommend lemon drop stevia, valencia orange stevia, cola stevia, and/or root beer stevia. If you're not looking for anything specific, our top-selling stevias that are great for general use are clear (non-flavored) stevia, chocolate stevia, lemon drop stevia, and berry stevia. These flavored stevia drops are known to be a life-saver when you're having a sweet tooth attack while on the HCG diet and can help keep you from cheating. 

Each 2 oz. bottle of stevia is 288 servings, so it will last you a while... most dieters continue to use stevia even after the HCG diet is over because it's a zero-calorie, healthy alternative and can help them maintain their weight loss.

Here's a list of the flavors we offer, and some reviews to help you choose what stevia flavor is best for you...

  • Apricot Nectar “I love this item! It makes doing the HCG diet easy.”
  • Berry - "I have used this with plain water and carbonated water - both are refreshing and convenient.  I also use this with my smoothies to add fruit flavor with only half the amount of fruit or in place of the fruit to minimize my carb intake."
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Clear - "I carry this in my purse as I go out to eat or pick up ice tea and coffee...way too much LOL, but at least I don't use artificial sweeteners and the liquid stevia blends the best in drinks - I love it!
  • Cola - "If I am desperate for soda while on HCG, this carries me through when mixed with carbonated water."
  • Double Chocolate
  • English Toffee - “Well we started with chocolate, then this - oh this is superb love it. Now we go orange, grape, lemon, and they make drinking water a breeze. What flavor!" "Love it in late afternoon coffee.”
  • Grape - “This makes regular water taste like grape soda... I even did grape stevia with a squeeze of lemon, plus ice, plus water in a blender and made a DELICIOUS grape slushy that was allowed on P2.”
  • Hazelnut - “Stevia with the Hazelnut flavor is an easy way to add sweetness and the flavor of Hazelnut to anything with no added calories. It doesn't get any better than this.” 
  • Lemon Drop “I just started using the lemon drops and they are wonderful. You only need a few drops in your beverage. Just a few drops enhances the taste of water or tea. I highly recommend this product!”
  • Peppermint - "I use this in coffee for a breath mint.  I keep it handy year round because it lasts forever, so a lot cheaper than regular products and more healthy since there are no artificial sweeteners or other ingredients that I can't pronounce."
  • Peppermint Mocha - “Taste like christmas - On the 2nd part of the diet (vlcd), I like black coffee with 1 dropper full of this.... ymmmmmm!”
  • Pumpkin Spice - "I love pumpkin lattes, but they are so high in sugar and other bad-for-you ingredients.  I throw this in my coffee with some vanilla stevia and I am good to go.  Awesome calorie/carb saver, but still tastes great.  When I am not watching what I eat / drink, I still use this with coconut milk or creamer because it tastes so good and I never need those sugar / carbs."
  • Root Beer - “I grew up drinking root beer. I was not a tea drinker so my family made me a glass of root beer from the extract. This stevia brought back those days to me. I tried the root beer with the vanilla cream stevia in water and it stands alone. The other flavored stevias are great on the sweetness part but are sometimes lacking the flavor of the other ingredient. I also prefer a drink that is not carbonated and this works well with plain H20. This will be one of my favorites.”
  • Valencia Orange - "I prefer this with fizzy water for a pretty good orange soda."
  • Vanilla Creme - “Reminds of my "old" coffee :) I was having a hard time adjusting from 4tbsp of creamer coffee to 1tbsp of milk coffee on the HCG diet. Thanks to the Vanilla Stevia drops, I look forward to my coffee again. It is also nice to add to my orange or strawberry slushies.  I make at night as a refreshing late night snack.” “Best Tasting Stevia Product I have ever used. I have disliked many of the powdered forms of stevia on the market in the past so was skeptical when considering this product. I was pleasantly surprised, it taste great, very close to sugar, no weird aftertaste. I enjoy using it in my coffee and tea. Before this diet I used a lot of whole milk in my coffee, like 25% milk. A few drops, no milk, my coffee taste great. I will definitely use this product after the HCG diet.”

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