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Homeopathic HCG vs Prescription HCG (Part 1 of 3)

Have you done your research on the HCG Diet??? There are a lot of different methods of the HCG Diet, each is different. Keep reading below to see which HCG method is best for you...Have you done your research on the HCG Diet? There are a lot of administration methods of HCG Diet, each is different. Keep reading below to see which HCG method is best for you...

When doing the HCG diet you must decide what method of HCG you are going to use. There are several different types of HCG, here's a list of the most common types of HCG:

  • Homeopathic HCG Oral Diet Drops
  • HCG Injections
  • HCG Weight Loss Shots
  • Self- Mixed Sublingual HCG
  • HCG Pellets
  • Oral HCG Pills
  • The HCG Patch
  • HCG Trojans
  • Topical HCG Hormone Cream

Most HCG dieters decide to "do-it-yourself", therefore they do not have to go through a doctor’s office to get a prescription for HCG. When doing it yourself, it's easiest to do the homeopathic pre-mixed HCG drops. Some adventurous HCG dieters choose to try the HCG injections and the self-mixed sublingual HCG, but they can be confusing and painful (ouch!).

We here at DIY HCG sell pre-mixed homeopathic HCG drops that are used orally. It takes the hassle out of going to a doctor’s office to get prescription HCG, gathering all of the HCG supplies, and mixing the HCG yourself. With our homeopathic oral HCG diet drops, you will receive the pre-mixed HCG drops that are ready to use, so you can start the HCG diet immediately!

We also offer different mixes of HCG to provide our customers with a choice of HCG drops, such as HCG in an alcohol solution, HCG in a mineral water solution, and HCG that has 'energy plus' added to it for optimum energy while on the HCG diet. See all the types of DIY HCG drops offered...  click here!

We know that the HCG drops vs. HCG shots debate is a touchy subject and that most HCG drop sites totally skirt the HCG injection issue. However, we know that the difference between these HCG types is important to YOU. So, we are more than happy to disclose our rationale for using the "scary" (insert ghost-like ooo-ooo-ooo sound here) homeopathic version of HCG instead of the HCG weight loss injections typically used in the past.

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