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HCG Video Testimonials: Kent G.

Kent's HCG Success Story (San Diego, CA)

Kent's HCG Weight Loss Story:


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    Kent learned about the HCG diet from a co-worker and friend who had tried many other weight loss methods without success. His friend then did the HCG diet and started losing weight at a rapid weight, so Kent asked and learn about the best diet on the market... HCG.
  • Kent lost 40 lbs in 23 days with the DIY HCG Diet Drops from DIYHCG.com.
  • Kent's starting HCG weight was 245 pounds. He is 6'3".
  • Kent’s ending HCG weight was 205 pounds.
  • The reasons why Kent wanted to lose the weight with the HCG diet:
    • He was having difficulty tying his shoes because his belly was in the way before he did the HCG Diet.
    • After he went on a cruise he decided to lose weight by doing the HCG Diet.
    • He wanted to lose weight, get in shape, get healthy, feels good about himself again, and not worry about what others think.
  • He lost his puffy cheeks and gut while on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.
  • He said the best part of the HCG diet is that he does not have to 'suck in' anymore
  • Kent says that people notice his weight loss from HCG, his new heighted energy, and healthier appetite ever since his finished the HCG Diet.
  • Kent also says that he still can eat his favorite foods at times and still has been able to maintain his weight loss from HCG and plans to keep his HCG weight loss permanent.

View Kent's before and after HCG transformation picture below:

View the full story to this HCG diet before and after story and see TON of more pictures from people who did the HCG diet… amazing results!

Before the DIY HCG Diet                After the DIY HCG Diet      

We hope you enjoed this HCG success story. Kent is no longer self-conscious about "sucking in his gut" when he walks around in life, thanks to the weight he lost with the HCG Diet. He also has more energy and is feeling ready for swimsuit season in San Diego because of the HCG Diet. He attributes his weight loss success to the homeopathic HCG diet drops and the HCG diet program at diyhcg.com. He is telling all of his friends and family about how easy, quick, and healthy his weight loss on the DIY HCG diet was for him.

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