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HCG Diet Seasonings & HCG Diet Spices Part 1

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Spice Up Your Life on the HCG Diet, but be careful. Some spices will sabotage you results on the HCG diet.

Spices can wreak havoc on your weight loss during the HCG diet. Again, you can tell us until you are blue in the face that the wrong spices on HCG don’t affect your HCG weight loss, but they very well may do so without you making the connection. Experience doesn’t lie. Ask yourself if you want to lose the most weight you can or not on the HCG Diet? It’s an informed choice.

If your head is still asking, ARE YOU SURE about yet another crazy idea?

  • Yes, Mrs. Dash can slow your weight loss to .2 lbs per day on the HCG Diet!
  • Yes, taco seasonings can make you gain .4 lbs each day you use them on the HCG Diet.
  • Yes, garlic powder with modified corn starch can stall you for 3 days on the HCG Diet until you realize that is what is causing the stall!
  •  Believe us!! We want you to do the best you can while on the HCG Diet!

PLEASE heed our advice. Too much of this has been learned from our own, painful, experiences. This is not hearsay, rumors, or scare tactics. This is what Dr. Simeons said and what we have seen occur over and over and over again with seasonings on HCG and spices on HCG (commonly mistaken as HGC).

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