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HCG Diet Plateau Breakers (Part 2 of 2)

Go Back to HCG Diet Plateau Breakers (Part 1 of 2)Learn how to break stalls on the HCG diet with these two HCG stall breaking methods HERE!

Here are two of the top HCG diet plateau breakers:

HCG Stall Breaker #1: Apple Day

  • Do not drink anything liquids all day, not even water.
  • Starting at lunch time, you may eat up to 6 apples from lunch time until midnight.
  • Any color or type of apple is allowed, organic is preferred.
  • Only minimal amounts of water are allowed, such as to take medication or to quench extreme thirst.
  • No other food or liquid is allowed on an HCG apple day.
  • The whole idea of a HCG apple day is to rid your body of un-needed water. The apples act as a natural diuretic, please remember to avoid drinking any water, tea, or coffee. Only drink water if needed for medication or to satisfy thirst.

HCG Stall Breaker #2: Mini Steak Day

  • Drink ample amount of allowable HCG drinks all day (plain coffee, tea, and water).
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water on a HCG mini steak day, to help flush your system.
  • No food for breakfast or lunch.
  • For dinner have a 3.5 oz. lean steak with 1 raw apple or 1 medium size, raw tomato (not both).
  • Do not eat more than a 3.5 ounces piece of steak, some people confuse a HCG mini steak day with a HCG maintenance steak day.

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Keep in mind that people are different, what works best for one person does NOT necessarily work best for another person. Try to break your stall with one of the allowed HCG stall breaking methods (above) before trying anything else.

Once you complete one of the above HCG stall breakers, you should see faster weight loss. If not, you may want to try the other HCG stall breaker.

For women... stalls on the HCG diet that occur around your time of ovulation or time of menstruation are normal and may not 'break' with the HCG plateau breakers above. These types of stalls on the HCG diet are usually cause by hormonal spikes because of your 'time of the month' and will usually regulate once you're done menstruating or ovulating. 

If you have tried HCG stall breakers with no avail, please contact us and speak with one of our HCG diet expert customer service representatives to see if you are doing anything wrong.

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