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HCG Diet Phase 3 / P3 Summary Part 1

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KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF! Learn more about Phase 3 (a.k.a. Maintenance) of the HCG Diet!

Yay! You’ve made it past the HCG VLCD (Very-Low Calorie Diet) phase of the HCG Diet!! Huge congratulations are in order. Now on to the HCG Maintenance phase! Some freedom at last!

This part of the HCG Diet has many names. You will hear it referred to as:

  • HCG Phase 3
  • HCG P3
  • HCG Maintenance
  • HCG Diet Maintenance
  • Maintenance Phase
  • HCG Phase Maintenance

So... any time you hear one of the HCG P3 names listed about, please be aware that we are talking about this phase of the HCG Diet.

If you did the HCG diet (commonly mistaken as the HGC diet) correctly, you hopefully have a new, healthier appetite. Most people come off the HCG diet craving foods like eggs, cheese, and almonds instead of their old cravings of Cheetos and ice cream. Bravo to you if you now have a new palate. It will make the HCG Maintenance Phase/ HCG Phase 3 much easier.

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