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HCG Diet Frequently Asked Questions / HCG Questions

What is HCG? What foods are allowed? These are just some of the questions that we answer in the Frequently Asked Questions at diyhcg.com

Click the HCG frequently asked question categories below to read the HCG questions and HCG answer to the most common HCG issues for HCG gorging, HCG Phase 2, HCG Phase 3, and much more HCG information.

HCG Ordering Questions (view all) :

  1. How long does a 1oz bottle of HCG last?
  2. How long does a 2oz bottle of HCG last?
  3. How long will it take to get my HCG order?
  4. Where do I get the HCG drops from?
  5. What comes with the DIY HCG order of drops?
  6. Why is your price higher than other HCG?
  7. Why should I buy from DIY HCG?
  8. What is the difference between
    alocohol base and mineral water

Preliminary HCG Diet Questions (view all) :

  1. Can I skip Phase 1 of the HCG Diet?
  2. How much weight can I expect to lose while on HCG?
  3. Do people on HCG injections lose more weight?
  4. What is a summary of a round of HCG?
  5. Can I use the HCG meal plan without the drops?
  6. What items do I need to do the HCG Diet?

HCG Gorge Questions (view all) :

  1. Is gorging required for the HCG Diet?
  2. What are the best HCG gorge foods?
  3. What is the purpose of the HCG gorge days?

 HCG Phase 2 Hygiene Questions (view all) :

  1. Can I use lotion while on the HCG Diet?
  2. Do I need special hygiene product for HCG?
  3. Can I wear make-up on the HCG Diet?

General HCG Phase 2 Questions (view all) :

  1. What is the HCG diet?
  2. How do you take the DIY HCG drops?
  3. Can I exercise on the HCG diet?
  4. Will I be hungry on the HCG Diet?
  5. What if I cheat on the HCG Diet?
  6. Can I take regular vitamins on HCG?
  7. Can I take homeopathic vitamins on HCG?
  8. Does weight loss decrease after the 1st 2 weeks?
  9. Will HCG P2 slow down my metabolism?
  10. What is my HCG 'lock-in' weight?



HCG Vegetarian Questions (view all):

  1. Can vegetarians do the HCG diet?
  2. What foods can vegetarians eat on HCG P2?

HCG Phase 2 Food Questions (view all) :

  1. What foods are allowed on HCG?
  2. What sweeteners are allowed on HCG?
  3. What is the HCG vegetable serving size?
  4. Can I use frozen foods on HCG P2?
  5. Can I mix vegetables on the HCG Diet?
  6. Can I have gum, mints, etc while on HCG P2?
  7. Is it okay to skip meals while on HCG?
  8. Is alcohol allowed on HCG P2?
  9. Can I have miracle noddles on Phase 2 of HCG?
  10. Questions about HCG meat products
  11. Why do the HCG grissini sticks have oil as an ingredient?
  12. How to determine what is a vegetables or spices in seasonings?
  13. Can I eat the same HCG meats Frequently?
  14. How many ounces are in 100 grams?
  15. Is the DIY HCG BBQ Sauce protocol compliant?
  16. What is considered a HCG meat servings?

HCG Phase 2 Hygiene Questions (view all) :

  1. Can I use regular hygiene products while on HCG?
  2. Can I use regular makeup while on HCG?
  3. Can I use lotion while on HCG?

HCG Dangers & Side Effect Questions (view all) : 

  1. Can I survive on 500 calories a day?
  2. Does HCG really work, my doctor said it's a scam?
  3. What are the side effects of HCG?

 HCG Medical Questions (view all) :  

  1.  Should I go to the doctor before starting HCG?
  2. Is HCG safe for males and females?
  3. What are the common HCG side effects?
  4. Can I take birth control while on HCG?
  5. Can I use HCG with diebetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol?
  6. Will HCG cause changes in my menstrual cycle?
  7. Can I use the HCG diet while pregnant?
  8. Can I use the HCG diet while nursing?

HCG Drops Storage Questions (view all) :

  1. How should I store my HCG drops?
  2. When do the HCG drops expire?
  3. Do these HGG drops need to be refrigerated?





 HCG Formula / HCG Dosage Questions (view all) :

  1. What time of the day do I take the HCG drops?
  2. Are these HCG drops made of 'real' HCG?
  3. Do HCG injections work better than HCG drops?
  4. Do I have to mix the DIY HCG drops?
  5. How many I.U.'s are in this HCG?
  6. Are HCG drops FDA approved?
  7. What should I do if I miss a dose of HCG?
  8. What is the difference of the DIY HCG drops versus other HCG drops?
  9. Where are your HCG drops manufactured?
  10. When do you need to adjuct your dose of HCG?
  11. Will these drops test positive on a pregnancy test?

 HCG Phase 3 Questions (view all) :

  1. What is a summary of HCG Phase 3?
  2. Is HCG Phase 3 required?
  3. What to do if I lose weight on my HCG Exit Days?
  4. Can I lose more weight on HCG Phase 3?
  5. Can I exercise on HCG Phase 3?
  6. When can I start another round of HCG?





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